Sealed Battle (シールド戦) is a playing format in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG. In this format, each player plays using a deck entirely constructed from newly opened packs, similar to sealed play format found in the other trading card games.

Deck Construction Rules

  • The game is played using cards from the packs opened on the spot. It uses 6 booster packs. The current rules specifically requires the usage of "Chain Betrayal", "Waker's Genesis", or "Blessing Sky" booster packs.
  • The deck used in Sealed Battle (called "Sealed Deck") as well as the Dynamis must be inserted in card sleeves with opaque backing.
  • A Sealed Deck is comprised of 40 cards. No more or less. It uses the "Sealed Battle-Use Player Card" (シールド戦用プレイヤーカード) as the Player card.
  • You can put any number of the following cards in Sealed Deck.
    • Cards with the same name.
    • Cards with " [Always] Life Recovery".
    • Cards with " [Always] Void Bringer".
    • Cards with "Ignition Icon".
  • You can put up to 5 "Sealed Battle-Use Z/X" (シールド戦用ゼクス) in Sealed Deck. It is represented as face-down cards, using cards excluded from your own Sealed Deck.
  • You can construct an additional Dynamis deck in addition to your Sealed Deck. You can put up to 8 cards with "Z/X EX" card type in your Dynamis.
    • You may put Dingir Proxy Cards in your Dynamis. In that case, choose only one side of the card to be used and put that side face-up into the card sleeve. The other side cannot be used afterwards.
Sealed Battle-Use Player Card
Icon Colorless Colorless / Player

[Always] <Valid> All <Effect> If a card ability refer to the card name of a Player Card, this card's name is treated as all card name.

【常】 【有効】 すべて 【効果】 カードの能力がプレイヤーカードのカード名を参照する場合、このカードのカード名はすべてのカード名として扱う。

Sealed Battle-Use Z/X
All Color / Z/X / Cost 3 / Power 4500 / Icon IG Ignition

[Always] Start Card
[Always] <Valid> Hand <Effect> You can ignore the color to pay the Cost for this card.
[Always] <Valid> All <Effect> This card's color is treated as all color.
[Always] <Valid> All <Effect> This card's Tribe is treated as all Tribe.

【常】 スタートカード
【常】 【有効】 手札 【効果】 このカードのコストは色を無視して支払うことができる。
【常】 【有効】 すべて 【効果】 このカードの色はすべての色として扱う。
【常】 【有効】 すべて 【効果】 このカードの種族はすべての種族として扱う。

Card Substitution

You may adjust the contents of your Sealed Deck and Dynamis after each match.

Sealed Deck

You may substitute the cards inside your Sealed Deck with excess cards from the opened booster packs or the special "Sealed Battle-Use Z/X" (represented as face-down cards). Furthermore, you may also choose a different "Start Card" at the start of the next game like the usual rule. Confirm the number of cards in your deck as well as the number of face-down cards after making substitution.


You may change the Dingir Proxy Cards. Choose the Z/X Extra that you want to use and put it face-up in the card sleeve.

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