For the card, see Schuster FPGA, Atlas.

Schuster FPGA Atlas (シャスターFPGAアトラス Shasutā Efu Pī Jī Ē Atorasu) is a Battle Dress created by the supercomputer Schuster as its avatar.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Avatar created by the supercomputer that rule the Blue World, Schuster in order to counter the revolutionary army. While her appearance was no more than a single battle Dress, she is able to simultaneously equip all sorts of equipment. If she requires it, everything under the control of Schuster could become her shields and her weapons.

She is a separate existence from the security forces held by Administrator Vega, but at the same time, she has full authority over them. Any person who is considered a criminal would never be given a suspended sentence, and could not avoid the immediate punishment.


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