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Schuster (シャスター Shasutā, German for "Shoemaker") is the supercomputer that rules the Blue World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Seven highly qualified computer engineers were gathered from across the planet to design a supercomputer that could archive all information in existence. That computer was Schuster. Equipped with AI and the world's fastest processors, it has storage memory practically equal to infinity.

Its original role was to record all history, innovations, and so forth before the human race went extinct. However, one of its seven creators asked "how to prevent mankind's extinction". Schuster came up with an answer, digitalize all of mankind's memories.

To begin with, Schuster launched an plan to save the human race and took control of the computer NIS. Using NIS unmanned reconnaissance planes, it captures humans, saved their memories and tossed their bodies away.

Thus, war broke out between humanity and Schuster all over the world, but Schuster, whose existence was far beyond human comprehension, was overwhelming in battle, and as a result, the few surviving humans were driven to remote places such as the bottom of the ocean or deep inside mountains.......

This is the shape of our "future" should it be controlled by the Blue World.

Later on, the seven men who created Schuster came to be known as the "Administrator", each somewhere in the world with Schuster (one with the original, and the other six with the mirror). As time passed, they developed 13 Battle Dress that came to be known as the Original XIII. Seven of them (odd-numbered) protect Schuster and its Administrator, while the other six (even-numbered) are said to be in charge of the extermination of remaining members of the human race and maintaining public orders.

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