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Satellite (サテライト Sateraito) is a group of cyborgs that served as artificial satellites in the Blue World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Artificial satellite Metal Fortress prepared for facing malicious invaders from the outer space, taking account of the distant Cthulhu Tribe that manifested from different dimension. Their true form are Megaton-class Battle Dress, ultimate cyborg that replaced more than 95% of their physical body with mechanical parts.

They usually orbit as artificial satellite in the time of peace, but they can also transform into humanoid form during emergency. They fight in conjunction with Genesis Union, Big Bang—the combined form of Space Stairs, Uranium, Space Station, Hassium, and Space Shuttle Union, Einsteinium. They are prepared to share the cultures of earth only if the intelligent life that came to made contact was friendly.

While they have humanoid form, they boast a considerably large body, and their sturdy body are also able to make use of the gravitational pull of celestial objects by utilizing "Gravity Assist". This is also the reason why they discarded their physical body.


All members of this group are based on various real-life satellites and space probes, with the numeral in their names denotes the year of launch of said spacecraft in hexadecimal.

Name Cost Power Namesake Year of Launch
Satellite 7d7, Kaguya 3 4500 SELENE (Kaguya) 2007
Satellite 7d6, Braina 3 6000 Unknown 2006
Satellite 7b9, Voyz 1st 5 9500 Voyager 1 1977
Satellite 7b9, Voyz 2nd 5 9500 Voyager 2 1977
Satellite 7db, Junon 3 4500 Juno 2011
Satellite 7d6, Sunflow 6 11000 MTSAT-2 (Himawari 7) 2006
Satellite 7d4, Rose 6 11000 Rosetta 2004
Satellite 7da, Karos 2 4500 IKAROS 2010
Satellite 7c5, Hyrcos 2 4500 Hipparcos 1989
Satellite 7c6, Hupple 3 4500 Hubble 1990
Satellite 7d3, Falcon 7 12500 Hayabusa 2003

In addition, there is also one additional card that technically counted as part of this group due to its name, but is not related at all to this group.

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