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Sakurakoji House (桜街家 Sakurakōji-ke, also means "Sakurakoji Family") is a group of Leafer that follows Shana Sakurakoji as his "butler and maid".

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Four-person Leafer group who was impressed by Shana's repeated mischief in the Lycanthrope's field and becomes his subordinates. Although Shana generally adds himself as the 5th member, this entry deals with the 4 Leafer.

They are not an actual noble family nor blood-related, but only seriously "playing pretend" as a young lady with her butler and maid. On the top of that, Shana who play as the young lady is mischievous and carefree. They only causes trouble.

"28 July 2020" addition

Heliotrope is added.

Name Profile
Eudi Leader of the four. He likes creating scheme to entrap people, designing various tricks and puts them into execution, which caused annoyances to the neighboring village. Even though his manner of speaking is extremely polite, it tend to cuts the mental during communication since it was mixed with poisonous words.
Poppy She was isolated due to her timid character, but by meeting with Eudi, she learned the importance of contact with people. Now, she has crossed the limit of contact and reached the stage of felling the pleasure of being bullied. She is in charge of making beds.
Carnation She possesses a carefree, thoughtless character. Because she bases all her acts on intuition, she is not really suited to be a maid. She is often get caught in her friends' trap, but she is not interested about the person who set the trap since she didn't get upset at all. She has a younger sister with large age differences, and she yearns to be a dependable older sister.
Thunbergia A calm and collected maid. She is also in charge of being sharp-tongued like Eudi, and the effect can be doubled or quadrupled by stereo effect. She excels at handling swords, and it always hit if she throws it. She is tired with regular swordsmanship.
Heliotrope A newly added member. She is the younger sister of Carnation. Although she is very young, she has outstanding response capability, and she is able to behave like maid the most. Her potential is considered to be the highest.

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