This article is about the idol unit. For the card type, see Shift.

SHiFT (SHiFT(シフト) Shifuto) is an idol unit in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

This group also exist as an actual idol unit in real life. Its members are Nana Harumura (春村奈々 Harumura Nana) and Mio Hoshitani (星谷美緒 Hoshitani Mio) from Ignition Girls as Prism and Ugly, respectively, with the addition of Mina Nakazawa (中澤ミナ Nakazawa Mina) as Nu, Fuuka Izumi (和泉風花 Izumi Fūka) as Marie, and Saya Aizawa (会沢紗弥 Aizawa Saya) as Pecteilis.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A new generation idol unit funded and established by the bourgeoisie of each worlds following the success of idol "Pecteilis" who made her debut in the Godbreaker Festival. It is comprised of Pecteilis as the leader plus the addition of 4 newcomer idols.

Please look forward to their activities from now on.

Affiliation Investor
Prism Red World Nine Great Heroes, Marie Antoinette
Nu Blue World Administrator Altair
Marie White World Nine Lives, Mike
Ugly Black World Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Envy, Invidia (Deathsmith Company)
Pecteilis Green World Eight Precious Beauties - Mastiha (Millennium Land)


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