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Road to Victory (勝利への道(ロード・トゥ・ビクトリー) Rōdo tu Bikutorī) is a promotional pack available only via subscription service in the March 2015 issue of V Jump magazine. The subscription were open from 21 January to 21 February 2015, with roughly 50000 packs being distributed during that time. Each packs costs 500 JPY.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Rarity
Red P11-015 Akatsuki Jutten - Juzar Hatum Z/X PR
Blue P11-016 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X PR
White P11-017 Twelve Apostles - Aries Malchidael Z/X PR
Black P11-018 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Pride, Superbia Z/X PR
Green P11-019 Alluring Seven-Branched Sword, Gekkakou Z/X PR

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