Resource (リソース Risōsu) is a mysterious energy required by the Z/X.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, Resource is the zone to put the cards used by the player to pay the Cost to play Z/X, Event, or Z/X abilities. Cards can be put into Resource either during the Resource Phase or by card's effect.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A mysterious power emitted from the Black Point (BP).

Because flesh-and-blood humans cannot approach the BP, its connection to the Z/X remains an understudied field of research. Resource is considered to be the source of Z/X ability to function, and they cannot maintain their presence in our world if they lose this energy.

Powerful Z/X need to consume vast amounts of Resource, and due to this, they cannot go far beyond the periphery of the BP. Conversely, Z/X that appear far from the BP are relatively frail. All Z/X can sense where Resource pours from and how much there is in order to properly consume it, with varying degrees of awareness. As a result, it is possible to measure how strong a Z/X is based on how far away it is.

Comprehensive Rules

308 Resource

  • 308.1 Zone to put the cards used as Cost to play cards or abilities.
  • 308.2 Cards put into Resource has either Reboot or Sleep State (302.2).
  • 308.2a If a card is put into Resource, it is put in Reboot State.
  • 308.3 Resource is a public zone. It is possible to arbitrarily change the order of cards in your own Resource.


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