Remove (除外 Jogai, literally means "exclude") is a term that refer the act of moving a card into the Remove Zone. As an action, it is commonly written it the card text as "remove" (除外する Jogai suru) or "remove … from game" (ゲームから除外する Gēmu kara jogai suru).

This term is first used by "Lawbringer, Tirich Mir" from Booster 3: Advent of the Five Dragon Emperors. Cards that was removed from game are considered as out-of-play and generally, cannot be retrieved to be used again during that game. However, several cards may possess an ability or effect that refer to the removed cards in the Remove Zone. Some of them, like "Listen to My Speech!", may even retrieve cards in the Remove Zone to made them usable again.

Comprehensive Rules

1008 Remove

  • 1008.1 If there is an instruction to "remove (a card)", move that card into its owner's Remove Zone.
  • 1008.2 If you are instructed to remove several cards, repeatedly remove cards until you reach the specified number.

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