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Recover (回復 Kaifuku) is a term that refer to the act of moving the top card of a player's deck face-down into their own Life, essentially "recovering" their Life.

This term is generally used on the Life Recovery ability. Several cards, with the majority of them being White, also use this term as part of their own ability.

Comprehensive Rules

1012 Recover

  • 1012.1 If there is an instruction to "recover 1 Life", the designated player put the topmost card of their own Deck Zone face-down into their Life.
  • 1012.2 If there is an instruction to recover several amount of Life, repeat the "recover 1 Life" action that specific amount of times.
  • 1012.3 If the topmost card of the Deck Zone is moved into Life by any method without the instruction to "recover", that action is not considered as "recover".