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Rebuild (リビルド Ribirudo) is the name given to reprints of previously existing cards that has their text greatly updated compared with their original print.

Rebuild cards either has their original abilities reworked, given a new ability to complement their old ones, or even both. They are created with the aim to increase the power level of old cards which was deemed to be inferior to the current cards, allowing them to be player together with newer cards without too much gap in power level.

All Rebuild cards possessed a special icon on the left side of its color to denote their status. In addition, all previous cards with the same card name as the Rebuild card also received common errata to match their text with the Rebuild card incarnation.

B03-017 Sample.png
P21-017 Sample.png
"Tyrant Dragon, Cardinal Blade"
Left: Original - Right: Rebuild

For the list of all Rebuild cards, see Category:Rebuild Cards.

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