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Raid Battle (レイドバトル Reido Batoru) is a special playing format in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- trading card game. It is played during select event such as Jump Victory Carnival and Ignition Caravan.


In Raid Battle, a group of several player (known as "challenger") faces against a powerful "boss". The boss, which is represented by more than one player, starts with a huge amount of Life total which must be reduced by the challengers in a one-on-one game against the boss until it reaches zero.[1]

The one-on-one game rule in Raid Battle follow the normal game rule with slight modification.[2][1]

  • The boss starts the game with 5 Life.
  • The boss's Life is prepared outside the deck.
  • When the boss's Life is reduced, it will trigger one of the following effect.
    • Nothing happens.
    • The boss takes an additional damage. The challenger draws a card.
    • The boss chooses and destroys a Z/X on Square.
    • All Z/X on Normal Square are destroyed.
    • The boss makes a Cost 6, Power 9500 Z/X appears on their Player Square.

Once a challenger deals a total of 5 damage to the boss, the game ends, and the challenger is replaced by another challenger.[1] The Raid Battle ends once the boss's Life total is reduced to 0.

In the event where the Raid Battle format is used, it is played with 5 player as the boss's representation and a Life total of 100.[1][3]

Raid Battle Card

Z/X official website also releases Free Card data for use in the Raid Battle. While the first 6 cards represent the original Raid Battle boss's avatar and the special effects that triggered when the boss's life is reduced, the last 3 cards are new additions.

Number Name Type Quantity
R01-001 Shin Ignition Kubota Player 1
R01-002 Bit Break Raid Event 1
R01-003 Critical Hit Raid Event 1
R01-004 Disaster Ray Raid Event 1
R01-005 Calamity Blast Raid Event 1
R01-006 Dread Spawn Z/X 1
R01-007 Metsu Ignition Kubota Player 1
R01-008 Malicious Burst Raid Event 1
R01-009 Chaos Eternal Raid Event 1


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