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Qillatu (叶えし者(キラツ) Kiratsu) is the designation given by the Dingir to those who has received their protection.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, almost all Z/X that possess Level ability related to Dingir can be identified as Qillatu in the story, with the Level amount being a near equivalent to the Depth of a Qillatu. Specific Dingir in the Level ability also denotes which Dingir said Z/X pledged themselves to.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The name given by the Dingir to human and Z/X who has obtained the protection of Dingir. "Hitu" that pledged with a Dingir becomes "Qillatu", and the Dingir becomes able to look at the tendency of that person.

The blessing and influence are given according to the scale of the desire, resulting in individual differences, and is broadly divided into 5 major stages. And then, the Depth may deteriorate when one receives emotional shock and the likes. The soul of those who reached the 5th stage is said to be burned.

Depth Symptoms
I The "Qillatu" doesn't have any suspicion to the Dingir. Almost no visible superficial changes.
II The "Qillatu" becomes the follower of the Dingir. Mental darkness (illness) caused by the desire becomes apparent.
III The "Qillatu" adores the Dingir. Their behavior and ideology changes. Their personality begin to crumble.
IV The "Qillatu" eliminates those who opposes the Dingir and those who hinder their desire.
V Incineration.

The Dingir returns the faith of the "Qilattu" into their own influence, and they seek for more "Hitu".


"Qillatu" is the word for "sin" in the Ancient Mesopotamian religion. The base kanji for Qillatu (叶えし者 Kanaeshi Mono) literally means "the one who has been granted".

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