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Purity (ピュアティ Pyuati) is a Lycanthrope from the Green World.

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A Lycanthrope who lives an eternal life. She serves as a shrine maiden in the base of "Mougi", a part of the root of Great Tree Yggdrasil whose foliage extends to the space. She watches over her beloved who lies inside the root, and vowed to stay beside him for the rest of her life.

There were people who used to support her before. However, since they couldn't stop the encroachment of plants that has fully covered the earth, sea, and sky, they evacuated from the Green World that was close to its ruin through the Black Point. She herself also traveled back and forth between the Green World and the present, but she returned back after sensing something wrong with the Great Tree. She was later captured by "Mougi" who started to rampage again, and sought help from her trusted Soma and Feuille.

Her name during her time as a human was Yuri Viva Calusi. She was born as the heir of "Luxuria Group", the industry leader in jewelry. She went to study abroad in Japan during the course of succeeding the business on behalf of her timid and frail elder sister. She developed a close relationship with "Soma", and used the first name of her former homestay "Osachinai" in order to hide her background while in Japan.

In the future that advanced into the Green World, she fell in love with "Soma", and supported his activity in secret as the Lycanthrope Purity.
In the future that advanced into the Black World, she broke off with "Soma", became estranged from her sister, and threw herself into work as the Diabolus Luxuria.

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