The Dingir character for "PULUHTU"

Puluhtu (賜わりし者(プリュツ) Puryutsu) is the designation given to those who have acquired the power of Dingir.

Although their abilities and state are close to that of Dingir, they are considered as a separate kind from the Dingir in the story. However, in the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, the Puluhtu are treated as a subset of and included in the Dingir Tribe. They can be recognized by the Dingir character for "PULUHTU" on the right side of the card and a regular Tribe as their secondary Tribe, as opposed to the character's own name like in the case of the original Dingir.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The name given to those whose soul didn't get corrupted and incinerated even if they bathed in the ashes, and has acquired a portion of the power of Dingir. The case has an extremely low probability to happen, and their existence are only whispered through rumors.

Since Gilgamesh is originally a half-god and half-human, he is able to become a Puluhtu and get closer to be a perfect Dingir without any difficulties. Although Gilgamesh—who calls himself "Supreme God"—has been destroyed, his regrets becomes glittering fragments in the night sky and scattered to the whole world. Those who have acquired the "supreme god fragment" inside their body by any means is said to become a Puluhtu.


"Puluhtu" is the word for "fear" in the Ancient Mesopotamian religion. The base kanji for Puluhtu (賜わりし者 Tamawarishi Mono) literally means "the one who has been honored".


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