Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P09 up to P12.

Promotional Cards 9

Color Number Name Type
Blue P09-001 Contest "A-Z" Z/X
Black P09-002 Contest Luxuria Z/X
Green P09-003 Contest Feuille Z/X
Red P09-004 Messenger of God, Caladrius Z/X
Blue P09-005 Tomboy Piper, Czerny Z/X
White P09-006 Hero Show Kaijin, Cheetoh Z/X
Black P09-007 Winding Cheerful Z/X
Green P09-008 Sunflower Girl, Karasu Ageha Z/X
Red P09-009 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P09-010 Azumi Kagamihara Player
White P09-011 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P09-012 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P09-013 Chitose Aoba Player
Red P09-014 Sera Kurashiki Player
Blue P09-015 Reia Sento Player
White P09-016 Misaki Yuzuriha Player
Black P09-017 Yamato Tennoji Player
Green P09-018 Soma Kembuchi Player
White P09-019 Rookie Guardian, Marshall Z/X
White P09-020 K2's Aide, Marshall Z/X
Blue P09-021 Creator of the Original XIII, Vega Z/X
Green P09-022 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Manasvin Z/X
Blue P09-023 Sword Sniper, Rigel Z/X
Black P09-024 Ayase Kamiyugi Player

Promotional Cards 10

Color Number Name Type
Red P10-001 Light of Hope, Jeanne d'Arc Z/X
White P10-002 Angel of the End, Metatron Z/X
Black P10-003 Isolated Calamity, Asmodeus Z/X
Red P10-004 Trap Craftsman, Foothold Z/X
Blue P10-005 Absolute Shield, Muliphein Z/X
White P10-006 Rencontrée the Interceptor Z/X
Black P10-007 Devil of Charm, Charmera Z/X
Green P10-008 Making a Snowman, Alkanet Z/X
Red P10-009 Sera Kurashiki Player
Blue P10-010 Azumi Kagamihara Player
White P10-011 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P10-012 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P10-013 Soma Kembuchi Player
Blue P10-014 Nanao Shishishima Player
Red P10-015 Model Master, Solitus Z/X
Blue P10-016 Tuning Pure Tones, Solitus Z/X
White P10-017 Solitus the Delusion Z/X
Black P10-018 Dream-Connecting Devil, Solitus Z/X
Green P10-019 Fluttery Solitus Z/X
Blue P10-020 Azumi Kagamihara Player
Black P10-021 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Lust, Luxuria Z/X
White P10-022 Twelve Apostles - Gemini Ambriel Z/X
White P10-023 Twelve Apostles - Gemini Ambriel Z/X
Blue P10-024 Three Hearts as One!! Event
White P10-025 Mois the Month Z/X
Black P10-026 Girl Who Parted Out from Sorrow, Banshee Z/X
Blue P10-027 Azumi Kagamihara Player
Black P10-028 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P10-029 Chitose Aoba Player

Promotional Cards 11

Color Number Name Type
Blue P11-001 Administrator Altair Z/X
Black P11-002 Unprecedented Calamity, Beelzebub Z/X
Green P11-003 Demon-Conquering Dragon King, Utpalaka Z/X
Red P11-004 Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru Player
Blue P11-005 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player
White P11-006 White Dragon Miko, Nino Player
Black P11-007 Black Dragon Miko, Barahara Player
Green P11-008 Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru Player
Red P11-009 Honome Chogasaki Player
Colorless P11-010 Dramiko Quintet Event
Red P11-011 Spirit of Hearth, Ape-Fuci-Kamuy Z/X
Red P11-012 Fairy of Love, Psyche Z/X
Blue P11-013 Type.II-3 "Lost Memory", Rigel Z/X
Black P11-014 Double Ruination, Sieger Z/X
Red P11-015 Akatsuki Jutten - Juzar Hatum Z/X
Blue P11-016 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X
White P11-017 Twelve Apostles - Aries Malchidael Z/X
Black P11-018 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Pride, Superbia Z/X
Green P11-019 Alluring Seven-Branched Sword, Gekkakou Z/X
Blue P11-020 Administrator Polaris Z/X
Red P11-021 Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru Player
Blue P11-022 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player
White P11-023 White Dragon Miko, Nino Player
Black P11-024 Black Dragon Miko, Barahara Player
Green P11-025 Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru Player
Red P11-026 Listen to My Speech! Event
Red P11-027 Graceful Exquisite Voiced Bird, Kalavinka Z/X
Red P11-028 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P11-029 Azumi Kagamihara Player
White P11-030 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P11-031 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P11-032 Chitose Aoba Player
Red P11-033 Sera Kurashiki Player
Blue P11-034 Reia Sento Player
White P11-035 Misaki Yuzuriha Player
Black P11-036 Yamato Tennoji Player
Green P11-037 Soma Kembuchi Player

Promotional Cards 12

Color Number Name Type
Red P12-001 Demon-Slaying Hero, Akechi Mitsuhide Z/X
Blue P12-002 Fate Innovator, Denebola Z/X
White P12-003 Ash-Eclipsed Fallen Angel, Gambiel Z/X
Red P12-004 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P12-005 Suguru Raicho Player
White P12-006 Sakura Kamiyugi Player
Black P12-007 Yamato Tennoji Player
Black P11-008 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
Green P12-009 Kisara Domeki Player
Blue P12-010 Enjoying Day Off, Tartini Z/X
Blue P12-011 Attractive Maid, Prin-chan Player
Red P12-012 Small Blade, Dagger Z/X
Blue P12-013 Original Machine, Dear Z/X
Black P12-014 Pounding Eve Z/X
Green P12-015 Scouting Wasp Soldier, Scout Seek Z/X
Red P12-016 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P12-017 Mikado Kurosaki Player
White P12-018 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Black P12-019 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Green P12-020 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Green P12-021 Beauty on Each Arms? Event