Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P05 up to P08.

Promotional Cards 5

Color Number Name Type
White P05-001 Four Archangels - Michael S.K. Z/X
Black P05-002 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Envy, Invidia Z/X
Green P05-003 Unwavering Determination, Were-Antler Z/X
Red P05-004 Lion of A-Un, Shisa Z/X
Red P05-005 Bow-Waist Princess, Son Shoukou Z/X
Blue P05-006 Ease Performer, Nicolea Z/X
Blue P05-007 Transformed Locomotive, Lanthanum Z/X
White P05-008 Evilbane, Kumphakarna Z/X
White P05-009 Massaging Tabby Z/X
Black P05-010 Skeleton Doctorate, Skeletal Doctor Z/X
Black P05-011 Devil of Art, Ars Z/X
Green P05-012 Beastman, Were-Cheetah Z/X
Green P05-013 Sickle-Spear of Trial, Masaki Z/X
Black P05-014 Murmur of Demise, Ende Z/X
Red P05-015 Mikado Kurosaki Player
White P05-016 Misaki Yuzuriha Player
Blue P05-017 Reia Sento Player
Red P05-018 Sera Kurashiki Player
White P05-019 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P05-020 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P05-021 Soma Kembuchi Player
Blue P05-022 Azumi Kagamihara Player
Black P05-023 Yamato Tennoji Player
Green P05-024 Chitose Aoba Player
Green P05-025 Green Dragon Miko Z/X
Blue P05-026 Kamone Fudahiki Player
Colorless P05-027 The 1st Anniversary Event
Black P05-028 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Lust, Luxuria Z/X
Black P05-029 Mascot Character, Rincle Player

Promotional Cards 6

Color Number Name Type
Red P06-001 Weapon Master, Armed Z/X
Black P06-002 Dancing Doll, Love Z/X
Green P06-003 Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat Z/X
Red P06-004 Artillery Craftsman, Cannon Z/X
Red P06-005 One-Eyed Dragon, Date Masamune Z/X
Blue P06-006 Burnout Machine, Blaster Z/X
Blue P06-007 Beam Vulcan, Koo She Z/X
White P06-008 Port the Sky Gate Z/X
White P06-009 Driving Himalayan Z/X
Black P06-010 Devil of Arms, Arma Z/X
Black P06-011 Razoring Candy Z/X
Green P06-012 Insolent Scythe, Nire Z/X
Green P06-013 Singing Angelica Z/X
Red P06-014 Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru Player
Blue P06-015 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player
White P06-016 White Dragon Miko, Nino Player
Black P06-017 Black Dragon Miko, Barahara Player
Green P06-018 Green Dragon Miko, Kushuru Player
Black P06-019 Ren Jinguji Player
Blue P06-020 Demonic-Bladed Black Knight, Cyclotron Z/X
Colorless P06-021 Aina Mikage Player
Colorless P06-022 Z/X IGNITION Player

Promotional Cards 7

Color Number Name Type
Red P07-001 Ambitious Skilled General, Kuroda Kanbe Z/X
White P07-002 Twelve Apostles - Gemini Ambriel Z/X
Green P07-003 Illusion in the Deep Green, Benihime Z/X
Red P07-004 Nimble Cat's Eye Gem, Cat's Eye Z/X
Red P07-005 Machine-Tampering Fairy, Gremlin Z/X
Blue P07-006 Space Stairs, Uranium Z/X
Blue P07-007 String Sound, Enesh Z/X
White P07-008 Harmonie the Harmony Z/X
White P07-009 Holy Beast, Aura Chimaera Z/X
Black P07-010 Devil of Fever, Febris Z/X
Black P07-011 Flat Server of the Speed of Sound Z/X
Green P07-012 Beastman, Were-Impala Z/X
Green P07-013 Extremely Hot Helmet, Habanero Helm Z/X
Black P07-014 Devil of Room, Sotwuko Z/X
Black P07-015 Devil of Solitude, Solitus Z/X
Blue P07-016 Reia Sento Player
White P07-017 Misaki Yuzuriha Player
Black P07-018 Yamato Tennoji Player
Green P07-019 Soma Kembuchi Player
White P07-020 Sakura Kamiyugi Player
Black P07-021 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
White P07-022 Light Beam of Regulation, Gambiel Z/X
Blue P07-023 Administrator Arcturus Z/X
Blue P07-024 Area-Limited Magical Girl, Magical Prin-chan Player
Black P07-025 EX:FUTURIZE Event
White P07-026 Monochrome Overdrive Event
White P07-027 Incorruptible Feelings, Fierte Z/X
Black P07-028 Jet-Black Blade, Sieger Z/X
White P07-029 Asuka Tennoji Player
White P07-030 Aurora Crown, Fierte Z/X
White P07-031 Holy Beast, Aura Heqet Z/X

Promotional Cards 8

Color Number Name Type
Blue P08-001 Administrator Polaris Z/X
White P08-002 Four Archangels - Raphael A.K. Z/X
Black P08-003 Great Calamity, Satan Z/X
Red P08-004 Fort Craftsman, Castle Z/X
Red P08-005 Strongest War Forces, Saika Magoichi Z/X
Blue P08-006 Transformed Temple, Gojuu Z/X
Blue P08-007 Star String Princess, Olivier Z/X
White P08-008 Evilbane, Rwenzori Z/X
White P08-009 Holy Beast, Aura Yeti Z/X
Black P08-010 Fluttering Cocoa Z/X
Black P08-011 Drifting Dagger, Dolch Z/X
Green P08-012 Painting Lovage Z/X
Green P08-013 Emperor's Voice Insect, Bell Echo Z/X
Red P08-014 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P08-015 Azumi Kagamihara Player
White P08-016 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P08-017 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P08-018 Chitose Aoba Player
Blue P08-019 Suguru Raicho Player
Black P08-020 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Black P08-021 Ruin's Tip, Sieger Z/X
Black P08-022 Revenant, Twilight Ash Z/X
Green P08-023 Chitose Aoba Player
Green P08-024 Green Samurai, Rindo Z/X
Green P08-025 Beastman, Were-Hedgehog Z/X
Red P08-026 Sera Kurashiki Player
Red P08-027 Avatar of Destruction, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X
Red P08-028 Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl Z/X
Red P08-029 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Red P08-030 Brilliant War Hero, Alexander Z/X
Red P08-031 Flower of Warring States, Mori Ranmaru Z/X
Blue P08-032 Azumi Kagamihara Player
Blue P08-033 Quantum Shooter, Rigel Z/X
Blue P08-034 Evaporation Machine, Evaporation Z/X
Red P08-035 Crimson Tyrant, Cardinal Blade Z/X
Blue P08-036 Blue Sea Mechanical, Drive Pinion Z/X
White P08-037 Pure White Celestial, Holy Sky Z/X
Black P08-038 Jet-Black Ruin, Destiny Bane Z/X
Green P08-039 Jasper Feathers, Ivy Wing Z/X
White P08-040 G1 Grand Prix Queen, K2 Z/X
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