Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P37 up to P40.

Promotional Cards 37

Color Number Name Type
White P37-001 Embarrassing Prayer Beast Experience, Michael Z/X
White P37-002 Embarrassing Prayer Beast Experience, Michael Z/X
Blue P37-003 Prayer of Spiral Gadget, Helical Fort Z/X
Colorless P37-004 Yith Player
Green P37-005 Nyan Nyan Dash, Were-Cat Z/X
Red P37-006 Bewitching Nature Fox Spirit, Kurama Z/X
Red P37-007 Alter Rage, Kalavinka Z/X
Blue P37-008 Alter Flirt, Frederica Z/X
Black P37-009 Mystic Eye of Fearsome Illusion, Vide Z/X
Green P37-010 Elements "Eclipse", Kageri Z/X
Colorless P37-011 "Overshift - Soulfall" Yog-Sothoth Shift
Red P37-012 Graceful Bird Commander of Fox Spirit, Kokibi Z/X
White P37-013 Protagonist Turn! Guild "Dawn", Ange Z/X
Colorless P37-014 "Overshift - Innosensia" Nyarlathotep Shift
White P37-015 Light Wind Blaze Phoenix, Phosflamme Z/X
Red P37-016 Cafeteria Tyrant, Ancelise Z/X
Colorless P37-017 "Love-Hate Blade Deity" Initial Zenith, Gilgamesh Shift
Red P37-018 First Step, Cana Z/X
Red P37-019 Play, the Song of Affection Event
Black P37-020 First Step, Arane Z/X
Black P37-021 Play, the Song of Passion Event
Green P37-022 First Step, Enju Z/X
Green P37-023 Play, the Song of Eternity Event
Red P37-024 Playing in Water Innocently, Kurumi Z/X
Blue P37-025 Where You Are Born, Millefeui & Flan Z/X
Black P37-026 Mimikko Days, Macaron Z/X

Promotional Cards 38

Color Number Name Type
Black P38-001 Mystic Eye of Heartstained Mind, Animus Z/X
Black P38-002 Mystic Eye of Heartstained Mind, Animus Z/X
Colorless P38-003 Princess Cthulhu Z/X
Red P38-004 Oath of Starry Idol, Prism Z/X
White P38-005 Reverse Alter, Innocent Star Z/X
Red P38-006 "Bewitching Grace Altershift" Kalavinka Shift
Blue P38-007 "Crimson Edge Altershift" Rigel Shift
White P38-008 From Beyond the Azure Shift
White P38-009 "Spirit Phoenix Altershift" Phosflamme Shift
Black P38-010 "Funeral Claw Altershift" Sieger Shift
Colorless P38-011 "Faint Love Altershift" Hastur Shift
Red P38-012 Hell King of the Warring States, Oda Nobunaga Z/X
White P38-013 Admiring the Flowers, Princess and Dragon Z/X
Black P38-014 Phantom Thieves "Dusk" Silent Night, Mors Z/X
Red P38-015 Oath of Amusing Idol, Cana Z/X
Blue P38-016 Satellite 7d4, Rose Z/X
Black P38-017 Around the Darkness, Princess and Dragon Z/X
Green P38-018 Charming Flower of Celebration, Purity Z/X EX
Green P38-019 Magnificent Snowflakes Event
Red P38-020 Drenched Sisters, Shizuku & Ichika Z/X
Red P38-021 Tranquil Time, Ancelise & Ciel Z/X
Red P38-022 Assassin of the Dark Night, Kalavinka Z/X
Colorless P38-023 Sharp Claw Vaulter, Yith Z/X
Blue P38-024 Spring Picnic, Rigel Z/X
Blue P38-025 Together Again This Year, Frederica Z/X
Colorless P38-026 Eldritch Spawn Token
Black P38-027 Wish to Starry Sky, Nei Z/X
Blue P38-028 Reverse Alter, Helical Fort Z/X
White P38-029 Warwind Tuner, Phosflamme Z/X
Colorless P38-030 White-Clothed Imp, Hastur Z/X
Colorless P38-031 SHiFT, Make your day. Z/X
Colorless P38-032 iDA, Make your wish come true. Z/X
P38-033 "SHiFT" Yume o Egakou! Shift
White P38-034 Coloring the Holy Night, Princess and Dragon Z/X
Colorless P38-035 Surprise Present, Hastur Z/X
Colorless P38-036 Santa Maid, Yith Z/X
P38-037 Foretime "Terror", Enlil Shift
Red P38-038 Starry Dreamer, Prism Z/X
Blue P38-039 Purely Hardworker, Nu Z/X
White P38-040 My Cuty and Pretty Self, Marie Z/X
Black P38-041 Adored Cinderella, Ugly Z/X
Green P38-042 Blooming Songmaiden, Pecteilis Z/X
Red P38-043 Innocent Young Graceful Bird, Cana Z/X
Black P38-044 Incognito Shopping, Arane Z/X
Green P38-045 Free-Spirited Rider, Enju Z/X
Red P38-046 Amusing Idol Dream, Cana Z/X OB
Red P38-047 Amusing Idol Dream, Cana Z/X OB
Black P38-048 Awaken Idol Dream, Arane Z/X OB
Black P38-049 Awaken Idol Dream, Arane Z/X OB
Green P38-050 Ascension Idol Dream, Enju Z/X OB
Green P38-051 Ascension Idol Dream, Enju Z/X OB

Promotional Cards 39

Color Number Name Type
Colorless P39-001 Card Device Innovator EV EX
Colorless P39-002 Card Device Innovator EV EX
White P39-003 Oath of Cuty Idol, Marie Z/X
Black P39-004 Reverse Alter, Realm Razer Z/X
Red P39-005 "Magic Craft Altershift" Orichalcum Tyranno Shift
Blue P39-006 "Teasing Love Altershift" Frederica Shift
Black P39-007 From Beyond the Azure Event
Black P39-008 "Thirsting Desire Altershift" Nei Shift
Green P39-009 "Lone Wasp Altershift" Vesparose Shift
Colorless P39-010 "Dream Reverie Altershift" Yith Shift
Red P39-011 Hero's Respite, Alexander Z/X
White P39-012 Angelo the Corrupted Z/X
Black P39-013 Devil of Color, Farbe Z/X
Green P39-014 Alter Break, Rindo Z/X
Red P39-015 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Red P39-016 Compliment to Formidable Enemy, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-017 Alter Lapse, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-018 Unyielding Military Rule, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-019 True Overlordship, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-020 Endless Overlordship, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-021 Grimoire - Fallen Angel of Midnight Z/X
Red P39-022 Alter Break, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-023 Oath of True Lies, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-024 Final Live, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-025 Dynast Road Hero, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-026 Great Hero of Blazing Sun, Alexander Z/X
Red P39-027 Open, Gate of Conquest Event
Red P39-028 Feathers Dyed Crimson Event
Red P39-029 Red Release, Alexander Event
Red P39-030 Goddess of Fierce Love Moon, Tsukuyomi Z/X EX
Red P39-031 Outstanding Awakened King, Alexander Z/X EX
Red P39-032 Godslayer Knight-King, Arthur Z/X EX
Red P39-033 Idea of Conquest, Alexander Z/X EX
Red P39-034 Break, Alexander! EV EX
Red P39-035 Overlord's Fiery Spear EV EX
Red P39-036 "Overshift - Universe" Mikado Shift
Red P39-037 "Ideashift - Universe" Mikado Shift
Red P39-038 "Setting Sun Altershift" Alexander Shift
Red P39-039 Key of True Lies, Mikado Kurosaki Z/X OB
Red P39-040 Key of True Lies, Mikado Kurosaki Z/X OB
Red P39-041 Red Unlimited Boost, Mikado Kurosaki Token
Colorless P39-042 Dream Key Marker
Blue P39-043 Wisdom Zenith, Sol Event
Green P39-044 Butterfly Domination Event
Green P39-045 Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat Z/X
Green P39-046 Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat Z/X
Green P39-047 Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat Z/X
Green P39-048 Miko Who Enjoys Flower Viewing, Purity Z/X
Red P39-049 Alter Break, Prism Z/X
Blue P39-050 Alter Break, Nu Z/X
White P39-051 Alter Break, Marie Z/X
Black P39-052 Alter Break, Ugly Z/X
Green P39-053 Alter Break, Pecteilis Z/X
Red P39-054 Alter Break, Cana Z/X
Black P39-055 Alter Break, Arane Z/X
Green P39-056 Alter Break, Enju Z/X
Red P39-057 Starry Night Date, Prism Z/X
Blue P39-058 Shopping Date, Nu Z/X
White P39-059 Lovely Date, Marie Z/X
Black P39-060 Cheerful Date, Ugly Z/X
Green P39-061 Euphoria Date, Pecteilis Z/X
Red P39-062 Innocent Date, Cana Z/X
Black P39-063 Surprise Date, Arane Z/X
Green P39-064 Mysterious Date, Enju Z/X

Promotional Cards 40

Color Number Name Type
Blue P40-001 Blue Rose Prayer, Banshee Z/X
Blue P40-002 Blue Rose Prayer, Banshee Z/X
White P40-003 Light Wind Blaze Phoenix, Phosflamme Z/X
Red P40-004 Rigel & Azumi, Best Partner Z/X
Green P40-005 Frederica & Yutaka, Beautiful Duo Z/X
Green P40-006 Almotaher & Yachiyo, Indomitable Hero Z/X
Blue P40-007 Nei & Kasuga, Prophecy Concluder Z/X
Red P40-008 Vesparose & Kisara, Lovely Mother and Daughter Z/X
Colorless P40-009 Hastur & Urara, Othersea Sisters Z/X
Red P40-010 Last Dance Event
White P40-011 Whitewing Tank Girl, Tank Heart Z/X
Black P40-012 Drops of the Gourmet Lounge Z/X
White P40-013 Princesse Soldier, Imelda Z/X
Green P40-014 Elements "Blossom", Rinka Z/X
Red P40-015 Red Flame Liberator, Abysso Z/X
White P40-016 Digital Witch, Flauros the Hellfire Z/X
Green P40-017 Stacy "τ", Morpho Z/X
Blue P40-018 Shopping Date, Nu Z/X
Red P40-019 Welcome to the Commemoration Party, Rigel Z/X
Red P40-020 Welcome to the Commemoration Party, Rigel Z/X
Blue P40-021 "Overshift - The Star" Yutaka Shift
Green P40-022 "Overshift - The Hermit" Kisara Shift
Blue P40-023 Pleasant Time, Blue Cielo Z/X
Red P40-024 Pure White Flash, Ancelise Z/X
Green P40-025 Shana Sakurakoji Player
Green P40-026 Shana Sakurakoji EX PL EX
Green P40-027 Alter Bakery, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-028 Elusive Festival Guy, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-029 Doctor Rose, Eudi-sensei Z/X
Green P40-030 Rooted Trunk, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-031 Phantasmagoric Chief Butler, Eudi of Sakurakoji House Z/X
Green P40-032 Eudi's Accomplice, Shana Z/X
Green P40-033 Sky-Galloping Koinobori Warrior, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-034 Launcher Artist, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-035 Alter Break, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-036 Eudi & Shana, Cloudless Master and Servant Z/X
Green P40-037 Summer-Announcing Firefly Lights, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-038 Verdant Trickster, Eudi Z/X
Green P40-039 Open, Gate of Monarch Event
Green P40-040 Shrewd Release, Eudi Event
Green P40-041 Peaceful "Leash", Ninhursag Z/X EX
Green P40-042 Grandeur "Fertility", Ninurta Z/X EX
Green P40-043 Luxuriant "Affection", Ishtar Z/X EX
Green P40-044 Enlightened Birdman, Were-Crow Z/X EX
Green P40-045 Gaudy Awakener, Takenoko Z/X EX
Green P40-046 Cherry Blossom Wings of Green Dragon, Sagara Z/X EX
Green P40-047 Gather Round, Sakurakoji House! Z/X EX
Green P40-048 Idea of Monarch, Eudi Z/X EX
Green P40-049 Break, Eudi! EV EX
Green P40-050 Black Rose Baron's Bizarre Adventure EV EX
Green P40-051 "Overshift - The Fool" Shana Shift
Green P40-052 "Rich Flavor Altershift" Eudi Shift
Green P40-053 Shrewd Unlimited Boost, Shana Sakurakoji Token
Green P40-054 Blacksteel Shades, Almotaher Z/X
Red P40-055 Waterside's Affection, Vesparose Z/X
Colorless P40-056 SHiFT, Summer Vacation Z/X
White P40-057 Angel of the Wind and Phosflamme Event
Black P40-058 Quadruped Victor, Sieger Z/X
White P40-059 From Beyond the Azure Event
Colorless P40-060 Toxic Drug Nurse, Yith Z/X
Red P40-061 Calling for Blessing, Kalavinka Z/X
Green P40-062 Olden Early Afternoon, Purity Z/X
Blue P40-063 Paradise Snack, Nei Z/X
Blue P40-064 Rigel's Bond, Azumi Z/X
White P40-065 Maine Coon's Proprietor, Nina Z/X
Green P40-066 Vesparose's Conscience, Kisara Z/X
Colorless P40-067 Soul Connect, Yith & Thy Z/X
Colorless P40-068 iDA, Summer Vacation Z/X
Blue P40-069 Secret Vacation, Type.V Z/X
White P40-070 Seraphic Vacation, Michael Z/X
Black P40-071 Wonderful Vacation, Animus Z/X
Colorless P40-072 Dragon Princess Player
Black P40-073 Ruin-Hell Wave, Doom Blast Event
Colorless P40-074 Yith Player