Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P33 up to P36.

Promotional Cards 33

Color Number Name Type
Black P33-001 Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Fourth Princess, Saria Z/X
Blue P33-002 "Fated Shift" Cyberform Sister, Neo Schuster Luna Shift
Colorless P33-003 "Overshift - Grimplay" Yog-Sothoth Shift
Colorless P33-004 "World Shift" Bubble Dreams, Azathoth Shift
Red P33-005 Open, Gate of Galaxy Event
Blue P33-006 Open, Gate of Musical Event
White P33-007 Open, Gate of Family Event
Black P33-008 Open, Gate of Endlessness Event
Black P33-009 Open, Gate of Fantasy Event
Colorless P33-010 Open, Gate of Astral Event
Red P33-011 Strong Arm Transformant, Blow Z/X
White P33-012 Longed Hot Spring Trip, K2 Z/X
Black P33-013 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Agilslumber Z/X
Blue P33-014 Oath of Princess Dream, Frederica Z/X
Blue P33-015 Where You Are Born, Millefeui & Flan Z/X
Blue P33-016 Cherry Blossom Spirit, Setsugekkabu Z/X
Colorless P33-017 Memorial Piece Marker
Colorless P33-018 Memorial Piece Marker
Colorless P33-019 Memorial Piece Marker

Promotional Cards 34

Color Number Name Type
Green P34-001 Wasp Soldier Daughter, Partisan Z/X
Colorless P34-002 Loveful "Daybreak", Enki Shift
Colorless P34-003 "Overshift - Loveburst" Nyarlathotep Shift
Colorless P34-004 Overflowing Honeymoon, Byakhee Z/X
Blue P34-005 Fast Shaddow, Azur Z/X
Colorless P34-006 For My Dearest Friends Shift
White P34-007 Facing the New Year, Kitoushi Z/X
Blue P34-008 Bright Flags, Trym Z/X
Green P34-009 Earth's Nail, Noble Grove Z/X
Blue P34-010 Prayer of Spiral Gadget, Helical Fort Z/X
Blue P34-011 Flags Santa, Schubart Z/X
White P34-012 White Santa, K2 Z/X
Black P34-013 Dream Santa, Solitus Z/X
Colorless P34-014 Outer Santa, Yog-Sothoth Z/X
Red P34-015 Play, the Song of Stars Event
Blue P34-016 Play, the Song of Sincerity Event
White P34-017 Play, the Song of Loveliness Event
Black P34-018 Play, the Song of Courage Event
Green P34-019 Play, the Song of Dreams Event
Red P34-020 Oath of Starry Idol, Prism Z/X
Blue P34-021 Oath of Purity Idol, Nu Z/X
White P34-022 Oath of Cuty Idol, Marie Z/X
Black P34-023 Oath of Princess Idol, Ugly Z/X
Green P34-024 Oath of Blooming Idol, Pecteilis Z/X
Blue P34-025 High Mega Weapon, Rigel Z/X
Blue P34-026 Expert of Fleet Command, Frederica Z/X
Blue P34-027 Open, Gate of Promise Event
Blue P34-028 Oath of Star Princess, Rigel Z/X
White P34-029 Divine Breeze Event
Colorless P34-030 Melody Marker
Colorless P34-031 Gourmet Research, Theogonyan Z/X
Blue P34-032 Charming Singing Voice, Frederica Z/X
Black P34-033 Staying Up Late in Library, Nei Z/X
Red P34-034 Ah! Kalavinka Feels Sorry for Honomegami Z/X
Colorless P34-035 Renew the Oath, Etsumin Z/X
White P34-036 Master is Gentle♪ Ten-chan Z/X
P34-037 "SHiFT" Yume o Egakou! Shift
Green P34-038 Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat Z/X

Promotional Cards 35

Color Number Name Type
Green P35-001 Auspicious Moon of the Early Spring, Reiwa Z/X
P35-002 Resentful "Terror", Enlil Shift
Colorless P35-003 Idea of Astral, Hastur Z/X EX
Red P35-004 Quickening of Rebirth Event
Colorless P35-005 Dream Key Marker
Blue P35-006 Together Again This Year, Frederica Z/X
Red P35-007 Hardworking Supporter, Kikimora Z/X
Blue P35-008 Rasetsu Runner, Cyclotron Z/X
Green P35-009 The Omakase Is Also Ikura, Pecteilis Z/X
Black P35-010 Oath of Butterfly Dream, Nei Z/X
Red P35-011 Leader of Fortiare, Tio Z/X
Red P35-012 Cana Producer Player
Black P35-013 Arane Producer Player
Green P35-014 Enju Producer Player

Promotional Cards 36

Color Number Name Type
Blue P36-001 Dies Shaddow, Type.X Z/X
Blue P36-002 Dies Shaddow, Type.X Z/X
White P36-003 Idea of Tranquility, Michael Z/X EX
Colorless P36-004 Card Device Innovator Event
P36-005 Yith (Marker) Marker
Red P36-006 Alter Magi, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X
Blue P36-007 Schwarz Shaddow, Ciel Z/X
Blue P36-008 Fam. Smile Magician Z/X
White P36-009 Alter Nemesis, Phosflamme Z/X
Colorless P36-010 Alter Fragile, Hastur Z/X
Colorless P36-011 Out of Time Event
Blue P36-012 Fam. Blitz Heart Z/X
Black P36-013 Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Marimena the Affection Z/X
Colorless P36-014 Sharp Claw Vaulter, Yith Z/X
Red P36-015 Oath of Starry Idol, Prism Z/X
Green P36-016 Elements "Fountain", Mizuki Z/X
Colorless P36-017 Rope Whip Punisher, Yith Z/X
Red P36-018 Thousand Years Fox Spirit Courtesan, Dakki Z/X
White P36-019 Oath of Cuty Idol, Marie Z/X
Blue P36-020 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X
Black P36-021 Oath of Butterfly Dream, Nei Z/X
Red P36-022 Shikigami Manipulator, Abe no Seimei Z/X
Colorless P36-023 Universe Princess Event
Colorless P36-024 Oath of Dream Princess, Hastur Z/X
Colorless P36-025 iDA@Snacktime! Z/X
Red P36-026 Oath of Paradise Song, Kalavinka Z/X
Green P36-027 Oath of Never End, Vesparose Z/X
Black P36-028 Yachiyo & Almotaher, MSKDW Z/X
Red P36-029 First Summer Festival, Cana Z/X
Black P36-030 Wonderful Summer Festival, Arane Z/X
Green P36-031 Secret Summer Festival, Enju Z/X
Red P36-032 Starcraft Dancer, Prism Z/X
Blue P36-033 Martial Artist Who Aims High, Nu Z/X
White P36-034 Billion Empress, Marie Z/X
Black P36-035 Troublesome Phantom Thief, Ugly Z/X
Green P36-036 Sweet Hunter, Pecteilis Z/X
Blue P36-037 Wisdom Zenith, Sol Event