Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P29 up to P32.

Promotional Cards 29

Color Number Name Type
White P29-001 Love Assistance, Motets Z/X
Blue P29-002 Food Tour Report, Nu Z/X
White P29-003 Pretty Heroine, Marie Z/X
Black P29-004 Inducement of Skating, Layback Z/X
Blue P29-005 Azumi and Rigel, Oath to the Blue Sky Event
Colorless P29-006 Evolution Connect Event
Red P29-007 Prism Producer Player
Blue P29-008 Nu Producer Player
White P29-009 Marie Producer Player
Black P29-010 Ugly Producer Player
Green P29-011 Pecteilis Producer Player
Red P29-012 Shuri Kijino Player
White P29-013 Ena Soranokawa Player
Black P29-014 Matoi Shinonome Player
Green P29-015 Yuni Tsukigata Player

Promotional Cards 30

Color Number Name Type
Black P30-001 Guide of the Road of Underworld, Kandelaar Z/X
Blue P30-002 Best Partner, Rigel Z/X
Blue P30-003 Sword Sniper, Rigel Z/X
Blue P30-004 Over the Clouds, Rigel Z/X
Colorless P30-005 Reunion Overboost! Event
Blue P30-006 "Fated Shift" Blue Star Princess, Rigel Shift
Colorless P30-007 Worry-Bestowing Eve, Nyogtha Z/X
Green P30-008 Enjoying Exploration, Were-Marte Z/X
Black P30-009 Dancing Doll, Love Z/X
Blue P30-010 Finish Bullet, Rigel Z/X
White P30-015 Dracula Halloween, Asmodel Z/X
Black P30-016 Loup-Garou Halloween, Nei the Tombcastle Princess Z/X
Green P30-017 Witch Halloween, Were-Shih-Tzu Z/X
Red P30-019 Worldsearing Sword, Laevateinn Z/X
White P30-020 Seraph of Revelation, Michael Z/X
Green P30-021 Watcher of Sacred Tree, Purity Z/X
Red P30-022 Honome and Kalavinka, Oath to the Fantasy Dream Event
Black P30-023 Animus, Pledge of the Kaleido Desire Event
Red P30-024 Starry Up! Prism Z/X
Blue P30-025 Purely Support! Nu Z/X
White P30-026 Cuty Pose! Marie Z/X
Black P30-027 Princess Hope! Ugly Z/X
Green P30-028 Blooming Cheer! Pecteilis Z/X
Black P30-029 Witch Girl, Asia the Tombcastle Princess Z/X
Black P30-030 Kasuga and Nei, Oath to the Memento Road Event
Blue P30-031 Azumi and Rigel, Oath to the Blue Sky Event
Colorless P30-032 Eldritch Spawn Token
Colorless P30-033 Paradise@Niggu-tan Manju Z/X
White P30-034 Misaki and Sagarmatha, Oath to the Shining Smile Event
P30-040 "SHiFT" Let's Draw a Dream! Shift
Colorless P30-041 Universe Princess Event
Red P30-047 Reinforcement Stroke, Muramasa Z/X
Blue P30-048 Short Break of a Soldier, Rigel Z/X
White P30-049 Foresighted Nephrite Z/X
Black P30-050 Blindfire Doll, Sonne Z/X
Green P30-051 Cheerful Amrita Z/X
Blue P30-052 Reciting Fate, Azumi and Rigel Z/X
Red P30-053 Godslayer Knight-King, Arthur Z/X EX
Red P30-054 Playing in Water Innocently, Kurumi Z/X
Black P30-055 Mimikko Days, Macaron Z/X
Blue P30-056 Azumi Kagamihara Player

Promotional Cards 31

Color Number Name Type
White P31-001 Ten Radiant Saints - Wonderful Livia Z/X
Blue P31-006 Come into Battle, Rigel Z/X
Black P31-007 Intercepting Sonne Z/X
Black P31-008 Matoi and Sonne, Oath to the Sun Moon Event
Green P31-009 Affable Amrita Z/X
Green P31-010 Yuni and Amrita, Oath to the Good Friends Event
Red P31-011 Soulful Signed Sword, Muramasa Z/X
Red P31-012 Shuri and Muramasa, Oath to the Phantom Sword Event
Blue P31-013 Azumi and Rigel, Oath to the Blue Sky Event
White P31-014 Clearheaded Nephrite Z/X
White P31-015 Ena and Nephrite, Oath to the Hope Alive Event

Promotional Cards 32

Set List:P32

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