Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P25 up to P28.

Promotional Cards 25

Color Number Name Type
Red P25-001 Glittering Dancing Princess, Sudarshana Z/X
Blue P25-002 Powerful Music, Paula Z/X
Black P25-003 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Deathbringer Sword, Maldicion Z/X
White P25-004 Quickening of Spirit Event
Black P25-005 White Princess of Visions, White Queen Z/X
Blue P25-006 Maiden Mechanic, Canopus Z/X
White P25-007 Carefree Paradise Fierte-san Event
Black P25-008 Sieger♪Vacation Event
Green P25-009 Verdurous Songmaiden, Pecteilis Z/X
Green P25-010 Merry Festival Barbecue, Prinny Z/X
Red P25-011 Playing in Water Innocently, Kurumi Z/X
Black P25-012 Dream Bunny, Solitus Z/X
Colorless P25-013 Etsumin Player
Red P25-014 Swinging Slowly, Kurumi Z/X EX

Promotional Cards 26

Color Number Name Type
Blue P26-001 Best Partner, Rigel Z/X
Blue P26-002 Over the Clouds, Rigel Z/X
Black P26-003 Apostate of the Fallen Boundary, Crepus Z/X
Colorless P26-004 True Dragon of Land, Theogonius Z/X
Black P26-005 Nurse of the Tombcastle, Clingina Z/X
Red P26-006 Goddess of Tradition, Santa Cruz Z/X
White P26-007 Aurora Crown, Fierte Z/X
Black P26-008 Ruin-Hell Dragon, Destiny Bane Z/X
Red P26-009 Sera and Orichalcum Tyranno, Oath to the Brilliant Happiness Event
Black P26-010 Christmas Mammon Z/X
Black P26-011 Christmas Luxuria Z/X
Green P26-012 Christmas Purity Z/X
Black P26-013 Ayase and Sieger, Oath to the Fellow Blade Event
Green P26-014 Chitose and Rindo, Oath to the Rainbow Guardian Event
Green P26-015 Kii and Vesparose Mami Z/X EX
Blue P26-016 Banana Paradise, Synchrotron Z/X
Blue P26-017 Royal Santa, Type.X Z/X
White P26-018 Passion Santa, Flamma Z/X
Black P26-019 Kaleido Santa, Animus Z/X
Green P26-020 Ninjutsu Santa, Were-Jaguar Z/X
Colorless P26-021 The 7th Anniversary♪ Event
Blue P26-022 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player
Black P26-023 Black Dragon Miko, Barahara Player
Black P26-024 Devil of Evening, Crepus Z/X
Blue P26-025 Little Bel Z/X
White P26-026 Beginning of New Year, Ibuki Z/X
Red P26-027 Great Hero of Blazing Sun, Alexander Z/X
Red P26-028 Yukikaze Z/X
Colorless P26-029 Commander Player
Red P26-030 Akagi Z/X

Promotional Cards 27

Color Number Name Type
White P27-001 Announced Gospel, Michael Z/X EX
Green P27-002 Luxuriant "Affection", Ishtar Z/X EX
White P27-003 Inciting Toyger Z/X
Red P27-004 Looking at Stars, Prism Z/X
Blue P27-005 Hard Training, Nu Z/X
White P27-006 Cute Marie Z/X
Black P27-007 Sullen Ugly Z/X
Green P27-008 Verdurous Songmaiden, Pecteilis Z/X
Colorless P27-009 Devoid Nightmare, Nightgaunts Z/X
Green P27-010 Reminiscent Young Warrior, Rindo Z/X
Blue P27-011 Administrator Polaris Z/X
White P27-012 Love Assistance, Motets Z/X
Red P27-014 Ayanami Z/X
Red P27-015 Z23 Z/X
Blue P27-016 Javelin Z/X
Blue P27-017 Laffey Z/X
Blue P27-018 Illustrious Z/X
Red P27-019 Visiting Shrine, Prism Z/X
Black P27-020 Visiting Shrine, Ugly Z/X
Black P27-021 Devil of Fantasy, Phantasma Z/X

Promotional Cards 28

Color Number Name Type
Red P28-001 Dominating Gold Fox, Yasigi Z/X
Colorless P28-002 Maneuvering Astral, Ghast Z/X
Black P28-003 Hammer of Annihilation, Hammer Gorilla Z/X
White P28-004 Seraph of Arrival, Michael Z/X
Blue P28-005 Branded Sword, Al Dhanab Z/X
Blue P28-006 "Commercial Shift" Chunibyo Botan Shift
Red P28-007 Fox Summer, Tamamo Z/X
Colorless P28-008 Wildbloom Flame, Cthugha Z/X
Blue P28-009 Siren Summer, Ludwig Z/X
Black P28-010 Vamp Summer, Herschel the Tombcastle Princess Z/X
Green P28-011 Trick Summer, Laurel Z/X
Colorless P28-012 Chaos Summer, Nyarlathotep Z/X
Black P28-013 Animus, Pledge of the Kaleido Desire Event
Green P28-014 Kisara and Vesparose, Oath to the Honey Reborn Event
Blue P28-015 Moment of Dreaming, Frederica Z/X
Red P28-016 Honome and Kalavinka, Oath to the Fantasy Dream Event
Blue P28-017 Yui, Prayer of the Helical Order Event
Blue P28-018 Yutaka and Frederica, Oath to the Unknown Future Event
Colorless P28-019 Ultimate@Niggu-tan Time Z/X
Colorless P28-025 Doted Comet, Bokrug Z/X
Red P28-026 Goddess of Midsummer, Tsutsuhime Z/X
Black P28-027 Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Lust, Luxuria Z/X
Colorless P28-028 Dragon World Howl, Theogonius Z/X
Blue P28-029 Twin Star Regalix, Cyclotron Z/X
Colorless P28-030 Urara Yato Player