Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P21 up to P24.

Promotional Cards 21

Color Number Name Type
Red P21-001 Overlord of Heaven and Earth, Oda Nobunaga Z/X
Blue P21-002 Schuster FPGA, Atlas Z/X
Black P21-003 Divine Progenitor of Pride, Lucifer Z/X
Red P21-004 Sera Kurashiki Player
Blue P21-005 Nanao Shishishima Player
White P21-006 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P21-007 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
Green P21-008 Shana Sakurakoji Player
Blue P21-009 Type.XI vs Atlas Z/X
Blue P21-010 Alpha Nova, Rigel Z/X
Green P21-011 Protecting Comrades, Were-Squirrel Z/X
Green P21-012 Feathered Robe of Elegant Dragon Celestial, Purity Z/X
White P21-013 Sacred Emotion, Minami Setouchi Z/X
Black P21-014 Foreshore Alice Z/X
Green P21-015 Dragonhorn Crystalbow, Upananda Z/X
Red P21-016 Gold Knight, Marie Antoinette Z/X
Red P21-017 Tyrant Dragon, Cardinal Blade Z/X
Blue P21-018 Mechanical Dragon, Drive Pinion Z/X
White P21-019 Celestial Dragon, Holy Sky Z/X
Black P21-020 Ruin-Hell Dragon, Destiny Bane Z/X
Green P21-021 Flower Dragon, Ivy Wing Z/X
White P21-022 Angel's Vacation, Verchiel Z/X
Green P21-023 Beachside Rabbit, Were-Lepus Z/X
Black P21-024 Opened Book, Diter Z/X
Black P21-025 Throbbing Chest, Diter Z/X EX
Black P21-026 Evening Warmth, Diter Z/X
Black P21-027 Tropical Sieger Z/X
Black P21-028 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Black P21-029 Shining Almotaher Z/X
Black P21-030 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
White P21-031 Absconding Maine Coon Z/X
Blue P21-032 Awaken Blade, Rigel Z/X EX
Blue P21-033 Original XIII Type.IV "Pr07Ve" Z/X
Green P21-034 Afternoon Vesparose Z/X
Black P21-035 Animus and Her Merry Friends Z/X
Blue P21-036 Lyrical Type. VII, XI Z/X
White P21-037 Lucid Nephrite Z/X
Black P21-038 Concealed-Carry Sonnenschutzan Z/X

Promotional Cards 22

Color Number Name Type
Red P22-001 Demon-Repelling General, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro Z/X
White P22-002 Guardian of Heavenly Darkness, K2 Z/X
Green P22-003 Naga Scalelord, Vasuki Z/X EX
Red P22-004 Springcry Awakened Bird, Kalavinka Z/X EX
Blue P22-005 Awaken Blade, Rigel Z/X EX
White P22-006 Angel of Great Divinity, Gambiel Z/X EX
Black P22-007 Charm Dragon Awakening, Luxuria the Lust Z/X EX
Green P22-008 God-Resenting Wasp Princess, Vesparose the Demonic Sting Z/X EX
Green P22-009 Strike Back, Feuille Z/X
Red P22-010 Crimson Gunknight, Cannon Shell Z/X
Blue P22-011 Eclipse Shooter, Spica Z/X
Black P22-012 Blood Princess of the Tombcastle, Brutia Z/X
Green P22-013 Maiden of Forest, Feuille Z/X

Promotional Cards 23

Color Number Name Type
Red P23-001 Sera "Blazing Transformation" Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X
White P23-002 Asuka "Lightwing Transformation" Fierte Z/X
Black P23-003 Ayase "Moonlight Transformation" Sieger Z/X
White P23-004 Wings of Affection, Muriel the Giant Crab Z/X
Black P23-005 Awakening of Original Sin, Animus Z/X
White P23-006 Paired "Preeminence", Anshar-Kishar Z/X EX
White P23-007 Karmic Confrontation vs Gambiel Z/X
Blue P23-008 Dreaming Melody, Karen Z/X
White P23-009 Holy Sword, Passu Sar Z/X
Green P23-010 Wasp Soldier Army Surgeon, Royal Medic Z/X
Green P23-011 Demonic Wasp Princess, Vesparose Z/X
Green P23-012 Fate Escort, Were-Cat Z/X
Black P23-013 Checkmate! Red Queen Z/X

Promotional Cards 24

Color Number Name Type
Green P24-001 Watcher of Sacred Tree, Purity Z/X
Green P24-002 Enlightened Birdman, Were-Crow Z/X EX
Green P24-003 Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat Z/X
Red P24-004 Ruler of the Blue Ice, Sedna Z/X
Blue P24-005 Spring Breeze Mischief, Type.VII Z/X
Black P24-006 Devil of Seal, Sigillum Z/X
Green P24-007 Searching for Truth Event
White P24-008 Love Assistance, Motets Z/X
Red P24-009 Ninetail Bunny, Dakki Z/X
Blue P24-010 Lorelei Bunny, Frederica Z/X
White P24-011 Cancer Bunny, Muriel Z/X
Green P24-012 Kung Fu Bunny, Were-Panther Z/X
Black P24-013 Spring Day Illusion, Mammon Z/X
Blue P24-014 Marital Vows, Rigel Z/X
Blue P24-015 Rigel and Azumi, Intimate Bonds Event
Green P24-016 Wasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose the Merciless Z/X
Green P24-017 Vesparose and Kisara, Blindly Obedient Bonds Event
Green P24-018 Charming Flower of Celebration, Purity Z/X EX
Red P24-019 Six Birds of Extreme Graces, Kalavinka Z/X
Blue P24-020 Crimson Blade of Alliance, Synchrotron Z/X
Green P24-021 Dragonblade Awakened Spirit, Were-Jaguar Z/X EX
Black P24-022 Devil of Evening, Crepus Z/X
Black P24-023 Prelude to Collapse Event
Blue P24-024 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X
Black P24-025 Casino Queen, Invidia Z/X
White P24-026 Big-Game Fishing, Pecheur Z/X
Green P24-027 Sheep Girl in the Summer Heat, Were-Sheep Z/X
Blue P24-028 Quantum Shooter, Rigel Z/X
Blue P24-029 Rigel★Christmas Event
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