Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Lists of promotional cards with set prefixes from P17 up to P20.

Promotional Cards 17

Color Number Name Type
Red Green P17-001 Rising "Anastasis", Nanaya Z/X EX
Blue Red P17-002 Flooding "Cadence", Tiamat Z/X EX
White Black P17-003 Inexhaustible "Creation", Lulu Z/X EX
Black Blue P17-004 Unbending "Covenant", Zababa Z/X EX
Green White P17-005 Valorous "Sunshine", Shamash Z/X EX
Red P17-006 Izumo Miyakonojo Player
Blue P17-007 Azumi Kagamihara Player
White P17-008 Sakura Kamiyugi Player
Black P17-009 Yamato Tennoji Player
Green P17-010 Kisara Domeki Player
Blue P17-011 Lifesaver, Chara Z/X
White P17-012 Septembre the September Z/X
Green P17-013 Sitting Shimeji Z/X
Black P17-014 Sieger♪Vacation Event
Black P17-015 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
Green P17-016 Peaceful "Leash", Ninhursag Z/X EX
Red P17-017 Excavation Craftsman, Mattock Z/X
Blue P17-018 Laser Scythe, Avior Z/X
White P17-019 Scoop-Chasing Munchkin Z/X
Black P17-020 Devil of Lament, Maeror Z/X
Green P17-021 Tempering Kick, Karin Z/X
Colorless P17-022 Lalami Player
Black P17-023 Crushing "Abduction", Lamastu Z/X EX
Red P17-024 "Desolation" Wicked Dragon, Bahamut Z/X
Blue P17-025 "Maelstrom" Wicked Dragon, Leviathan Z/X
White P17-026 "Tempest" Wicked Dragon, Hraesvelg Z/X
Black P17-027 "Deathbearer" Wicked Dragon, Fafnir Z/X
Green P17-028 "Burialwing" Wicked Dragon, Nidhogg Z/X
Blue P17-029 Maiden Mechanic, Canopus Z/X
Red P17-030 Crimson Blaze Dragon, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X
Colorless P17-031 HAPPY VALENTINE!! Event
Red P17-032 Honome Chogasaki Player
Red P17-033 Waterside's Graceful Bird, Kalavinka Z/X
Blue P17-034 Azumi Kagamihara Player
Blue P17-035 Ocean Dress, Rigel Z/X
White P17-036 Will That Thwarts Villainy, K2 Z/X
Red P17-037 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P17-038 Nanao Shishishima Player
White P17-039 Sakura Kamiyugi Player
Black P17-040 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
Green P17-041 Chitose Aoba Player
White P17-042 Paired "Preeminence", Anshar-Kishar Z/X EX

Promotional Cards 18

Color Number Name Type
Red P18-001 Worldsearing Sword, Laevateinn Z/X
Blue P18-002 Infinite Union, KHD-8000 Z/X
White P18-003 Seraph of Judgment, Uriel Z/X EX
Black P18-004 Fallen Angel of Resentment, Satan Z/X EX
Green P18-005 Watcher of Sacred Tree, Purity Z/X
Red P18-006 Sera Kurashiki Player
Blue P18-007 Suguru Raicho Player
White P18-008 Misaki Yuzuriha Player
Black P18-009 Ayase Kamiyugi Player
Green P18-010 Chitose Aoba Player
Green P18-011 Shana Sakurakoji Player
Green P18-012 Dragonclaw Bear Girl, Were-Teddy Z/X
Black P18-013 Kittling Tickling Z/X
White P18-014 Lawbringer, Athos Z/X
Red P18-015 Goddess of Prosperity, Konohana-Sakuya-Hime Z/X
Green P18-016 Godbreaker Sword Master, Rindo Z/X EX
Black P18-017 Conductor of Sword Tricks, Crepus Z/X
Blue P18-018 Servant of Longevity Dragon, Toto Z/X
Colorless P18-019 Nana Harumura Player
Colorless P18-020 Mio Hoshitani Player

Promotional Cards 19

Color Number Name Type
Red P19-001 Thousand Years Fox Spirit Courtesan, Dakki Z/X
Blue P19-002 Unequaled Justice, Bevatron Z/X EX
White P19-003 Seraph of Revelation, Michael Z/X
Black P19-004 Manifester of Calamity, Almotaher Z/X EX
Green P19-005 Super☆Divine☆Voice, Freesia Z/X
Red P19-006 Mikado Kurosaki Player
Blue P19-007 Nanao Shishishima Player
White P19-008 Asuka Tennoji Player
Black P19-009 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player
Green P19-010 Soma Kembuchi Player
Colorless P19-011 Dingir♦Quintet Event
Black P19-012 Devil of Army, Legio Z/X
Red P19-013 Chocolate Fairy of Love, Psyche Z/X
Green P19-014 Hinamatsuri Princess, Hinageshi Z/X
Red P19-015 Honome Chogasaki Player
Red P19-016 Izumo Miyakonojo Player
Blue P19-017 Reia Sento Player
Blue P19-018 Suguru Raicho Player
White P19-019 Misaki Yuzuriha Player
White P19-020 Nina Shitori Player
Black P19-021 Yamato Tennoji Player
Black P19-022 Iriuda Orondo Player
Green P19-023 Soma Kembuchi Player
Green P19-024 Shana Sakurakoji Player
Red P19-025 Goddess of Court Dance, Amenouzume Z/X
Black P19-026 Valentine Luxuria Z/X
White P19-027 God-Possessed Cat's Paw, Maine Coon Z/X EX
Black P19-028 Crunching Black Sickle, Stern Z/X
Green P19-029 White Fairy Bird, Sette Z/X
Black P19-030 White Princess of Visions, White Queen Z/X
Red P19-031 Goddess of Spring Flowers, Flora Z/X

Promotional Cards 20

Color Number Name Type
Blue P20-001 My First Song - "Yume de Omou" Event
White P20-002 The First Costume - "Angel & Blue Rose" Event
Green Blue White P20-003 Eight Precious Beauties - Spring Breeze Princess, Pecteilis Z/X EX
Red P20-004 Honome Chogasaki Player
Blue P20-005 Azumi Kagamihara Player
White P20-006 Nina Shitori Player
Black P20-007 Iriuda Orondo Player
Green P20-008 Kisara Domeki Player
Blue P20-009 Tyrannic Purple Grudge Blade, Massprotron Z/X
White P20-010 Veteran Police Inspector, Cymric Z/X
Green P20-011 Little Guardian Event
Blue P20-012 Invisible Wall, Giansar Z/X
Green P20-013 Silver Screen Princess, Verbena the Lovely Z/X
White P20-014 Love Assistance, Motets Z/X
Red P20-015 Thoughtful Cattleman, Hikoboshi Z/X
Red P20-016 Sera Kurashiki Player
Green P20-017 Kisara Domeki Player
Black P20-018 Heartscorching Sun, Crepus Z/X
Blue P20-019 Ease Performer, Nicolea Z/X
Blue P20-020 Casual Mode, Rigel Z/X
Black P20-021 Good Choice! Almotaher Z/X
Blue P20-022 Original XIII Type.III "Ch05Al" Z/X