Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Priority (優先権 Yūsenken) is the right to perform an action during the game.

The turn player is automatically given priority during the Main Phase of their turn, or during the Battle Event Step in battle. If the turn player choose to pass the priority during their Main Phase, the game will automatically proceed to the End Phase.

In the Battle Event Step, regardless of the choice made by the player with priority, the priority will be automatically passed to the player without priority once the choice is made and performed. Only if both player successively pass the priority the game will proceed to the Battle Damage Step. Obtaining priority during the Battle Event Step is also the only way for a player to perform any actions outside of their turn.

Priority Preprocessing

Before a player is given priority or during certain (if not all) points of the game, priority preprocessing (優先権前処理 Yūsenken Zenshori) is performed first to check for and apply any Rule Effect that might be occurred at that point in order to ensure the game state.

After there are no more Rule Effect to perform, the priority is given or the game will proceed to next step or phase.

Comprehensive Rules

700 Priority & Priority Preprocessing

701 Priority

  • 701.1 During the game, any player may be given priority.
  • 701.2 If any player is given priority, the priority preprocessing (702) is performed first before that player is given priority.
  • 701.3 The player with priority is able to play card or startup ability (801.2a) that can be played at that point, perform actions that are allowed by the rule, or choose to pass the priority.

701 Priority Preprocessing

  • 702.1 Priority preprocessing is the procedure to perform various processes that was forced by the game. It is performed at specific points during the game, or before any player is given priority.
  • 702.2 Priority preprocessing is performed with the following procedures.
  • 702.2a Check and perform the Rule Effect (900). Repeat this process until there are no more rule effect that must be processed.
  • 702.2b If there is any automatic ability (808) triggered, play any one of them, resolve it, and return to 702.2a. Otherwise, end the priority preprocessing.