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Princesse (プリンセス Purinsesu) is a group of Leafer that failed to sublime into Angel.

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There are roughly two different ways for human to sublime into angel in the White World.

While there have been no case of human from the other worlds sublimed into angel until now, someone attempted an extremely rash experiment, using Leafer from the Green World instead of human from the other worlds as the subject. That person is Twelve Apostles - Virgo Hamaliel, who was trusted and ushered by the Twin Polar Angel. He was entrusted with the duty to search for Twelve Apostles - Scorpio Barbiel who was turned into Dragon Princess and ran away.

In the end, it was an impossible goal. Leafer that was led to sublimation did not become angel as we commonly imagined, nor did the symbolic halo and wings manifested. The only thing that can be seen are significant mental growth, and their memories also not erased. Even though that was enough to stimulate the self-development of those selfish Leafer, and sufficient enough to be recorded in the history, Hamaliel called them "Princesse (Verdant Angel)" in order to cover the failure of his plan.

Soon enough, the series of blunder became known to the curious Leafer.

Even though they could not become formal angel, Resource that clad the sublimated Leafer occasionally altered to White or (in extremely rare case) White-Green. In particular, there is no end to those who dreamed of being lucky and gambled their life to become the later. Cecilia, the first victim, has gained respect second only to Hamaliel from the unsublimated Leafer, and have the responsibility to bestow tiaras in place of halos to those being reborn.

As the origin of this matter, Hamaliel has become extremely carried away and completely forgot about his original mission. Resident of Millennium Land who watched the craze at a distance can only recognize the abnormal situation where diligent Leafer started to appear as "the returned Shana Sakurakoji started his new amusement".

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