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Prayer Beast (祈獣 Kijū) is a group of Cait Sith that has evolved themselves into beings similar to Sacred Beast.

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Sacred Beast, beasts that self-evolved in accordance with the providence of White World.
Cait Sith, intelligent cats created by the hand of humans.
Each of them are Tribe that evolved independently.

Lacked behind in spiritual aspect, the Cait Sith zealously prayed again and again, tempered their minds and bodies, and as the result... they are finally freed from the bound of flesh and turned into "Prayer Beast".

Profit is a part of their egoistical selves' motives for pursuing evolution, and their true nature as cunning Cait Sith still remain the same. Since their bodies has turned into spirit, they didn't always stick as "cats that walks upright on their hind legs", and will take the most advantageous form depending on the time, place, and occasion. Sometimes they are just ordinary cats, sometimes they are extremely dangerous beasts of prey, and at the other times... they are cute animal-eared girls. If you meet someone that approaches you favorably in the vicinity of White World, there is an extremely highly possibility for them to be one of those crafty "Prayer Beast". Please stay alert.

"Prayer Beast" that took pride as chosen Cait Sith and became arrogant, began to name themselves after ancient deities and went out for violence to take the place of Dingir, who has lost their influence due to the Exorcision War. Even though they are clad in glittering aura, they had almost none of the noble heart of Sacred Beast.

It is thought that the sudden birth of "Cat Sacred Beast", that was never existed before, is the effect of "Scenario of Ruin" that was dispersed by the gods.


With few exceptions, most of the members of this group are named after Ancient Egyptian deities.

Name Cost Power Namesake
Favoring Smile, Neith the Prayer Beast 3 4500 Neith
Silent Judgment, Maat the Prayer Beast 4 6000 Maat
Naive Spirit, Sekhmet the Prayer Beast 4 5000 Sekhmet
Wild Enthusiasm, Khnum the Prayer Beast 5 7500 Khnum
Harsh Discretion, Anubis the Prayer Beast 6 9000 Anubis
Apex of Faith, Horus the Prayer Beast 9 10500 Horus
Robust Craving, Mut the Prayer Beast 3 4500 Mut
Clueless Flattery, Apis the Prayer Beast 4 4500 Apis
Nervous Sensibility, Thoth the Prayer Beast 6 8000 Thoth
Stubborn Display, Nephthys the Prayer Beast 5 7500 Nephthys
Frightening Devotion, Isis the Prayer Beast 7 10500 Isis
Bold Pureness, Tefnut the Prayer Beast 3 4500 Tefnut
Careless Vigor, Ptah the Prayer Beast 3 4500 Ptah
Acute Starshine, Sopdet the Prayer Beast 3 4500 Sopdet
Entreating Dragonmercy, Hatmehit the Prayer Beast 2 3000 Hatmehit
Enrapturing Dragondance, Anat the Prayer Beast 7 10500 Anat
Glistering Funeral, Sokaris the Prayer Beast 4 6000 Seker
Embarrassing Prayer Beast Experience, Michael 3 4500 [1]
  1. Not an actual "Prayer Beast" in the story.

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