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Power (パワー Pawā) is a parameter possessed by Z/X, Z/X Extra, and Z/X Overboost cards.

Power serves as both the stamina and attack value of a Z/X during battle. When a Z/X attacks another Z/X, it deals damage to the opposing Z/X equal to its Power. If a Z/X received damage equal or higher to its Power in a turn, or if its Power is reduced to 0 or less, it is destroyed per Rule Effect.

For the list of cards grouped by its Power, see Category:Z/X by Power.

Comprehensive Rules

209 Power

  • 208.1 The stamina and the value of damage amount in battle (600) of a card. This parameter is only possessed by cards with Z/X, Z/X Extra, and Z/X Overboost as their type.
  • 208.2 During priority preprocessing (702), if the damage that a card receives is equal to or greater than its own Power, or if its Power is equal to or less than 0, this card is destroyed per Rule Effect (904).
  • 208.3 During battle, if a card deals damage to a Z/X due to attack, it deals damage equal to its own Power (604.3).