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Player Name (プレイヤー名 Pureiyā Na) is a parameter possessed by Player and some Z/X Overboost cards.

This parameter is used as a reference for ability that required a Player card with certain name, which are shown as 【P】 ○○ ( <Player> ○○ ) in the card text and effectively replaces the "if your Player is ○○" clause that requires the Player card's full name to be written in the text.

Player Name is still tied to the card name. If a Player card doesn't have the Player Name parameter, the Player Name parameter will automatically use the card name instead. Any change to the card name will also modify the Player Name.

Comprehensive Rules

215 Player Name

  • 215.1 Player Name is a parameter used by card's ability when it references a card with Player card type.
  • 215.2 If a card's ability refer to a card with Player card type, and the card name or Player Name of that card contain the name it refer to, that card's ability will become available.
  • 215.3 If the card name is changed by any effect, the Player Name is also changed to the same name.