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"Yachiyo Kamiyugi EX"

Player Extra (プレイヤー エクストラ Pureiyā Ekusutora) or PL EX is one of the card types in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG. They were introduced in Booster 40: Code:MagicaPrincess - Valor "Crisis Arc".

Player Extra are stacked on the backside of the Player card during the game preparation. During the game, a player can put the Player Extra stacked face-up on the top of their own Player card either by a card's ability or on its own when the Crisis condition in the Player Extra is fulfilled. Once they choose to do so, both the Player and Player Extra will be treated as a single card for the rest of the game.

All Player Extra cards released so far has these 2 abilities.

  • The first one is a startup ability that can only be used during the player's own turn by turning the Player Extra into Sleep State.
  • The second one is a special ability that is shared by all of them, and allow the player to recover their Life if they would take damage equal to or greater than their current Life. This ability will be gone after being used.

Player Extra are also treated as Player during the game, and a face-up Player Extra with face-up Player card stacked on the bottom of it will simultaneously possess all parameters (name, Player Name, abilities, etc.) from both of them.

Since both the Player Extra and the lower part of a Z/X Overboost are stacked on the backside of the Player card, only either one of them can be chosen to be brought during the game preparation. If a player choose one of them, the other one cannot be used at all in the game.

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