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Example of Player cards

Player (プレイヤー Pureiyā) is one of the card types in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG. They are the representation of the player in the game.

Player cards are put on the Player Square at the start of the game together with Start Card and the lower part of Z/X Overboost, and cannot be changed during the course of game. While each player may only put one Player card at the start of the game, the Bonds of the Twin Dragons special rule allows each player to play with more than one Player card.

Player cards are not a mandatory part of the game (the game can be played without it) and they are not counted as part of the deck. However, several Z/X (known as "Partner Z/X") and Event requires you to have a specific Player card in order to fully utilize their ability. The introduction of new mechanic and card types such as Z/X Overboost and Shift also added more emphasis on the usage of Player cards.

If a player choose to not put a Player card on their Player Square, a nameless Player card is automatically placed on the Player Square during the game per Rule Effect.

Most Player cards does not possess any ability and only few of them has an ability, but some cards are able to give them ability during the game.

For the list of all existing Player cards, see Category:Player.

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