Phantom Thieves "Dusk" (怪盗団黄昏Kaitō-dan Tasogare) is an organization in the Black World.

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In the early days of the Black World, thousand masks created with super technology produced thousand Diabolus, and created an environment where the concept of reckless death prevails. Masks that lost is owner after they killed each other in order to gain more lifespan sometimes meet their next owner, and sometimes abandoned entirely—. Many of them are gathered by collectors who took a liking to them.

Phantom Thieves "Dusk" are people who raided the residences of such collectors. Courteously sending calling cards to them beforehand.

While their ostensible acts is as described above, their true intention is to recover the missing Masks of the Divine Progenitor. Created by Dingir Ereshkigal, and also the basis of the thousand masks, they are seven masks that granted the Seven Deadly Sins title. The Phantom Thieves dashes through the dark night under the instruction of Seven Deadly Sins - Devil of Wrath, Ira.

Its member are the following 6, listed together with their short profile.

Liberi the Freedom Phantom Thief in charge of infiltration.
Expert of trap installation and removal. Joined after being enticed by the "work at home" slogan.
Mors the Death Phantom Thief in charge of combat.
A berserker who accomplishes her duty calmly. Has a roundabout way of speaking. Loves Notia's chest.
Anasis the Analyst Phantom Thief in charge of intelligence.
She pass all incoming information from the hideout to the others. Also the one who receives orders from Ira. A procrastinator.
Rapina the Robber Phantom Thief in charge of diversion.
A young girl with superhuman strength that contrasted her small and cute appearance. Her catchphrases are "break through" and "finishing strike".
Cram the Virtue Advisor of the Phantom Thieves.
The sub-leader who is always full of worries. Her current concern is that the letter in calling cards written by Notia is no better than 3-years-old.
Notia the Notice Leader of the Phantom Thieves.
A personification of action, she lives only with her right brain. Her left brain is only used in pursuit of style.

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