Personal Experience Meeting - New System "Dynamis" (新システム「デュナミス」体験会) is an official event created by Z/X official staff on various card shops in Japan between 13 March to 16 April 2016. It is also held on the Z/X Stream in Ikebukuro 2016 Spring event.

During the event, player may ask the staff to teach them about the new Z/X Extra and Dynamis system or teach them about Z/X in general for beginner. In addition, player may challenge the staff or participate in a rumble match using the new system. All participants will receive one "The All-Known Ruler, Gilgamesh" promotional card.

For the rumble match, the staff will also lend the following cards so the player may construct their own Dynamis deck for use during the match.

Color Number Card Name Amount
Red B16-019 Shining "Windfall", Inanna 4
Blue B16-039 Overflowing "Primalsea", Nammu 4
White B16-059 Blowing "Nobility", Sud 4
Black B16-079 Spreading "Disease", Ahhazu 4
Green B16-099 Grandeur "Fertility", Ninurta 4
Red Black B16-101 Glaring "Skypath", Nergal 4
Blue White B16-102 Serene "Authority", Marduk 4
White Red B16-103 Solemn "Adjudication", Anu 4
Black Green B16-104 Deathcaller "Flicker", Ereshkigal 4
Green Blue B16-105 Becoming "Affection", Ishtar 4

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