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Paradise (楽園 Rakuen) is a location in the Dynamis.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The place where the Dingir lived that lies beyond the Dynamis. Clear skies, blooming flowers, and beautiful sceneries are spread out everywhere. Its civilization's level is ancient-like, structures were mainly made from stones, and machinery does not exist at all. However, that was nothing but the appearance, technology far beyond the current science are applied everywhere by the gods who easily performed actions that seemed to be supernatural or miraculous to the mankind.

An absolute class system is laid out in there, it is impossible for lower-ranked Dingir to defy the higher-ranked Dingir, much less of being able to give opinion. This become the model of class system enforced in the White World.

It was sealed by the sacrifice of Four Archangels - Uriel A.T. and his Twelve Apostles subordinates, and it is impossible to go back and forth from there at the present time. As the result, the Dingir's influences declined sharply, furthermore, some of the Dingir were left behind in the present world.

In the first place, "how" the Dingir were able to descend from the Dynamis to the present world is still unknown. Professor Carl Wyvern and the others are investigating its relevance with the Black Points outbreak.

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