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This article is about a technology in Red World. For the Tribe, see Category:Overboost. For the technology and group with similar Japanese name, see Transformant.

Overboost (転身 Ōbābūsuto, literally means "transformation") is a method that later becomes the basis for Ignition Overboost.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Method devised by Dr. Kurashiki, one of the Three Wise Men of Red World. By wearing inorganic Gigantic as armor, the fighting strength of the wearer will rise rapidly. Since it is still in incomplete experimental stage, reducing burden to the body becomes an important issue.

Using this method as hint, White Dragon Miko, Nino and Black Dragon Miko, Barahara start developing a method to fuse Z/X user and Z/X. Through experiment with Nina Shitori and Maine Coon, Asuka Tennoji and Fierte, and then Ayase Kamiyugi and Sieger as sample, Ignition Overboost is completed.

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