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Origin Cthulhu (根源ク・リト Kongen Ku Rito) is the very first Cthulhu to be exist.

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The first Cthulhu formed in Entelechia. It almost destroyed the entire Entelechia universe and shattered itself as well.

The land that escaped destruction as it was the place where the Origin stood at its last moment later became the Dreamworld, and the pieces of the Origin was reborn as new spiritual lifeforms.

Spiritual lifeforms that was formed from the brain parts proclaimed themselves as the line of Cthulhu royal family and reigned over the Dreamworld. However, ordinary Cthulhu that was formed from parts other than the brain has low intelligence and are extremely freewheeling. While they are generally obedient to the royal family, the royal family are unable to regulate them and have virtually no authority over them.

Currently, the only person related to the royal family are the following three sisters. The power of the Origin sleep deeply and split evenly between each of them.

  • "Eldest Daughter" Third-Ranked Princess, Hastur
  • "Second Daughter" First-Ranked Princess, Utica (Yutaka Tenryu)
  • "Third Daughter" Second-Ranked Princess, Yathura (Urara Yato)

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