Every month, a Z/X official tournament (公認大会 Kōnin Taikai) endorsed by Broccoli is held in various card shops in Japan. In addition, all participants will also receive a special promotional card which is always changed every month.

This event is succeeded by the Z/Xsta.

Participation Prize

This is the list of all promotional cards that was given away as participation prize (参加賞 Sankashō) for official tournament. With the exception of "Murmur of Demise, Ende" and "Pram the Oracle", the Hologram Rare version of these cards were also given away as the Winning Prize (優勝賞品 Yūshō Shōhin) and Door Prize (お楽しみ賞 Otanoshimishō) for the tournament.


Color Number Name Period
Blue P01-011 Archbolt, Aludra August 2012
Red P01-009 Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl September 2012
White P01-013 Lawbringer, Chacrarahu October 2012
Black P02-010 Revenant, Dark Scar November 2012
Green P02-012 Fox Girl, Were-Fox December 2012


Color Number Name Period
White P02-009 Neige the Snow January 2013
Blue P03-007 Strafe Machine, Moon Ray February 2013
Red P03-004 Two-Wheels Craftsman, Twin Wheel March 2013
White P03-008 Holy Beast, Aura Pasaran April 2013
Red P04-005 Heretic of Star World, Galileo May 2013
White P04-009 General Store Manager, Manx June 2013
Green P04-012 Beastman, Were-Rat July 2013
Red P04-004 Helmet Craftsman, Goswhit August 2013
Red P05-010 Skeleton Doctorate, Skeletal Doctor September 2013
White P05-009 Massaging Tabby October 2013
Black P05-014 Murmur of Demise, Ende
White E02-P10 Pram the Oracle
Green P05-013 Sickle-Spear of Trial, Masaki November 2013
Blue P06-006 Burnout Machine, Blaster December 2013


Color Number Name Period
Red P06-004 Artillery Craftsman, Cannon January 2014
Black P06-011 Razoring Candy February 2014
White P07-008 Harmonie the Harmony March 2014
Black P07-010 Devil of Fever, Febris April 2014
Red P08-035 Crimson Tyrant, Cardinal Blade May 2014
Green P08-039 Jasper Feathers, Ivy Wing June 2014
Blue P08-036 Blue Sea Mechanical, Drive Pinion July 2014
Black P08-038 Jet-Black Ruin, Destiny Bane August 2014
White P08-037 Pure White Celestial, Holy Sky September 2014
Red P10-004 Trap Craftsman, Foothold October 2014
Blue P10-005 Absolute Shield, Muliphein November 2014
White P10-006 Rencontrée the Interceptor December 2014


Color Number Name Period
Black P10-007 Devil of Charm, Charmera January 2015
Green P10-008 Making a Snowman, Alkanet February 2015
White E04-P10 Curry-Loving Girl, Usalia March 2015
Red P12-012 Small Blade, Dagger April 2015
Blue P12-013 Original Machine, Dear May 2015
Black P12-014 Pounding Eve June 2015
Green P12-015 Scouting Wasp Soldier, Scout Seek July 2015
White P13-041 Evilbane, Spantik August 2015
Black P13-042 Continuous Scream, Bungee Jumper September 2015
Red P13-039 Cross Spear Craftsman, Cross Spear October 2015
Green P13-043 Carving Birdman, Were-Quetzal November 2015
Blue P13-040 Judge Halberd, Carina December 2015


Color Number Name Period
Red P15-017 Hitting the Devil, Armed January 2016
Black P15-018 Stuffed with Chocolate, Gula February 2016
Blue P15-019 Hinamatsuri Weibel March 2016
White P15-020 Won't Miss Flower Viewing, Mike April 2016
Green P16-007 Cheery Warrior, Rabbit May 2016
Blue P16-008 Meteor Shower, Bootis June 2016
Red P16-009 Seventh Faerie, Orihime July 2016
Blue P17-011 Lifesaver, Chara August 2016
White P17-012 Septembre the September September 2016
Green P17-013 Sitting Shimeji October 2016
Black P18-013 Kittling Tickling November 2016
White P18-014 Lawbringer, Athos December 2016


Color Number Name Period
Blue P18-018 Servant of Longevity Dragon, Toto January 2017
Red P19-013 Chocolate Fairy of Love, Psyche February 2017
Green P19-014 Hinamatsuri Princess, Hinageshi March 2017
Red P19-031 Goddess of Spring Flowers, Flora April 2017

Story and Mission

From March 2015 to July 2015, each promotional cards is given backstory with a goal that must be achieved as the "mission" for that month. At the end of month, the amount of participants for that month is tallied and the result is used to determine the story's conclusion in a similar manner to Heroic Saga.

Depending on the result, the story's goal may or may not be achieved. If the goal is achieved, a new card based on the story's conclusion will be created. Better result will yield a better achievement for the goal, and the created card will be different depending on the achievement.

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