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In Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, several Z/X shared the same title with numeral in their names. These titles were collectively referred to as "numbering name" (ナンバリング名) in official sources and often held a significant importance in the story. Most of the holder of these titles already possessed it since their introduction in story. But some of them also gain it later through the course of the story, especially for newly introduced titles.

In the card game, these titles were mostly one-off occurrence per characters (e.g. only one card with the title for a given character) although the holder may also retain the title on several cards in some case. Cards with the titles sometimes benefit from support given by other cards that specifically refer to the titles in its ability.

List of Numbering Names

This is the list of all known "numbering names" for each main Tribe in Z/X so far, all with the numeral range from 3 to 17.

# Color Name Japanese Name Tribe Notes
9 Red Nine Great Heroes 九大英雄 Kyūdaieiyū Braver
10 Red Akatsuki Jutten 暁十天 Akatsuki Jutten Gigantic
6 Red Six Brilliant Creators 創星六華閃 Sōsei Rokkasen Meister
6 Red Six Birds of Extreme Graces 極麗六鳥 Kyokurei Rokuchō Mythos
13 Blue Original XIII オリジナルXIII Orijinaru Sātīn Battle Dress [1]
3 Blue Three Regalia 三神器 Sanshinki Metal Fortress [2] [3]
17 Blue ε17 ε17(えれめんたりーせぶんてぃーん) Erementarī Sebuntīn Metal Fortress
11 Blue XI Flags XIフラッグス Irebun Furaggusu Mermaid
10 Blue Irregular X イレギュラーX Iregyurā Ten Killer Machine
4 White Four Archangels 四大天使 Yondaitenshi Angel [4]
12 White Twelve Apostles 十二使徒 Jūnishito Angel [4]
5 White Five Luminous Holy Beast 五煌聖獣 Gokōseijū Sacred Beast
9 White Nine Lives ニャインライブズ Nyain Raibuzu Cait Sith
10 White Ten Radiant Saints 十輝聖 Jukkisei Angel & Guardian [5]
7 Black Seven Deadly Sins 七大罪 Nanataizai Diabolus
4 Black Four Wicked Stars 四凶星 Yotsumagaboshi Predator
3 Black Three Stygian Maids 冥土三姫 Meido Sanki Tortures
8 Black Eight Souls of the Black Sword 黒剣八魂 Kokken Hachikon Nosferatu [6]
7 Black Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle 墓城七姫 Bojō Nanahime Nosferatu [7]
8 Green Eight Great Dragon Kings 八大龍王 Hachidairyūō Hourai
5 Green Five Chiefs 五頭領 Gotōryō Lycanthrope [8]
4 Green Four Insect Sovereigns 四皇蟲 Shikōchū Plasect
8 Green Eight Precious Beauties 八宝美神 Happōbijin Leafer
  1. All of its member are also part of, and supported through the broader "Type." group.
  2. Although the group and its members has existed for a long time, none of the member uses the full title with the numeral in their name as of the latest set.
  3. The group also contain a Killer Machine as its member.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Both the "Four Archangels" and "Twelve Apostles" were recognized as the "numbering" for Angel, although only the individual members from each groups received support and only the whole member of "Twelve Apostles" received support through a single card as of the latest set.
  5. All of its member are also part of, and supported through the broader "Radiant Saint" group.
  6. Also doubles as the "numbering" for Tortures due to the member dual Nosferatu / Tortures Tribe.
  7. All of its member are also part of, and supported through the broader "Tombcastle" group.
  8. Also has a "successor" or sub-group in the form of "New Five Chiefs".