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The Nine Great Heroes (九大英雄 Kyūdaieiyū) is a group comprised of nine special Braver.

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Furthering refining genes of heroes from days long ago that were collected from unearthed relics, clones called Braver received special abilities far beyond that of normal humans. However, a genius doctor, the one who developed the method to create the Braver, made the ubermensch of the ubermensch, called the "Nine Great Heroes".


With the exception of Anastasia, the illustration for all Nine Great Heroes released so far was done by Tomomi Kobayashi.

Name Original Counterpart Cost Power
Nine Great Heroes, Alexander Alexander the Great 5 7500
Nine Great Heroes, Jeanne d'Arc Joan of Arc 4 5500
Nine Great Heroes, Lancelot Sir Lancelot du Lac 5 7500
Nine Great Heroes, Shakespeare William Shakespeare 7 9500
Nine Great Heroes, Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette 4 6000
Nine Great Heroes, Arthur Arthur Pendragon 6 8000
Nine Great Heroes, Anastasia Grand Duchess Anastasia 8 11000

In addition to the above members, the last two known members of this group are Paracelsus and Robin Hood.

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