For the Player Card, see Nina Shitori (card).

Nina Shitori (ニーナ・シトリー Nīna Shitorī) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

A female missionary that serves the Pendragon Apostolic Church headquarter in Argentina, South America, where the Black Point of White World is located. She believes the teachings that said the Angels shall bring salvation to the mankind without doubt.

Born in Russia, her relatives has gone ever since she can remember, and with her past where she was saved by Adam Pendragon when she was lost in the outcrop, she still put sincere trust in him.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The principal missionary of the new religion, Pendragon Apostolic Church. She is the adopted daughter of its founder, Adam Pendragon. While propagating the angel-worshiping church's teachings, she was invited by the angel to the White World. She is designated by the Four Archangels - Gabriel as the "Aquarius" candidate to replace the absconded Gambiel.

She is an unparalleled cat lover. When confronted about this, it is revealed that she unconsciously takes their way of life during her childhood, and her speech become bad as the result.

"I loves the angel, meow. However, I loves the cat more, meow"


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