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New Five Chiefs (新五頭領 Shin Gotōryō) are the representatives of the Lycanthrope in the Millennium Land.

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New representatives for the Lycanthrope. They are elected by vote from Lycanthrope who made up the majority of citizens in Millennium Land, in order to fill the gap left by Guile Tusk who has abandoned the Five Chiefs' principle of protecting the people after visiting the present.

As if to symbolize a new era, those who excelled in wisdom and appeal rather than military prowess was listed as its members. For that reason, their voice is unusually strong when faced with the other representatives of Millennium Land like Chitose Aoba, the Eight Great Dragon Kings (Utpalaka, Sagara, Anavatapta), and the Five Chiefs (Were-Tiger, Were-Jaguar, Were-Panther, Were-Cougar) in cabinet meeting.


In contrast with the original "Five Chiefs", the members of this group are based on various dog breeds.

Name Cards Cost Power
Were-Cavalier New Five Chiefs - Were-Cavalier 5 7500
New Five Chiefs - Unrestrained Slash, Were-Cavalier 3 3500
Were-Shih-Tzu New Five Chiefs - Were-Shih-Tzu 6 9000
New Five Chiefs - Austere Witch, Were-Shih-Tzu 3 4500
Were-Toy-Poodle New Five Chiefs - Were-Toy-Poodle 7 10500
Were-Mameshiba New Five Chiefs - Were-Mameshiba 6 7500

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