Neo Schuster (ネオ・シャスター Neo Shasutā) is the supercomputer created as the successor of "Schuster".

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Supercomputer that has accomplished a progress far surpassing Schuster. Its whereabouts are unknown. It was developed in secret by the mad researcher Administrator Sol, all while watching the revolutionary war in idle. Unlike Schuster that steadily performed absolute rule through machine such as the digitization of life, the final objective of Neo Schuster is an "immortal planet" through the mechanization of all things.

"Type.XIII", the last number of Original XIII that was left by Administrator Vega and given a large-scale remodeling, is a device that directly connects to Neo Schuster. Her singing voice is a virus that turns even living things into machine, and soon will be released over the border of Blue World to all worlds. The preparations are already in order, and the plan execution has entered the countdown phase.

Sol said that in addition to the "two superior brains" inherited from Schuster, "an exceptional personality" is installed in Neo Schuster central circuit.


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