NanaoXX or Nanao Numbers (ななおなんばーず Nanao Nanbāzu) are the clones of Nanao Shishishima that serves as the pilot for Massprotron.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Human girl clones made by the collaboration of Administrator Canopus and Administrator Vega.

Because they are based on the information of Administrator Denebola's days as human that was recorded by Schuster, they are related to Nanao L. Shishishima who lives in the Present World as "the very same person on the parallel world". Since they were mass produced together with Massprotron, there exist 64 clones whose appearance and characters are very similar to each other, managed by the model number Nanao01 to Nanao64.

""""YES, SIR_""""

When Administrator Canopus neutralized the Massprotron, they were also put into cold sleep. However, Administrator Arcturus secretly defrost them. Similarly, the Massprotron were also remodeled by Arcturus, and they embarked on them to assault the revolutionary army. Moreover, the just-completed Irregular X 3rd model, BrighTron, is boarded by the 65th, and also the only one, Nanao00Le.


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