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NOAH Project (NOAH計画 Noa Keikaku) is the project that resulted in the creation of the Braver, Gigantic, and Mythos, which consequently led to the future of Red World.

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Its official name is "Next Overspec Artificial Humanbody Project"

In the second half of the 21st century, defense contractors began to sponsor the project, on the premise they could develop artificial humans that would become the next generation in battle. The defense contractor chooses 3 companies and universities as the research facilities, and adopted a methodology of bouncing ideas and results of their research off of one another regularly. As a result, the early stages of the project due to this plan were able to achieve remarkable results, causing the defense industry that was sponsoring the affair to push through extra funding.

The locations of the research facilities are top secret: one is roughly in Tanzania, South Africa; one in Kitakyūshū, Japan; and the other one is somewhere inland in China. It is also known without much in the way of details that each research facility has its own genius aboard, who collectively are known as the "Three Wise Men". Eventually, the three institutions began to build upon their works independently and privately, only interacting with one another at a deserted island during a regular trial run called the "Research Results Briefing Session", ultimately becoming the only means by which they communicated.

At one point, the Japan facility invented a technology to produce clones from damaged DNA of heroes from the past found on excavated relics and remains. By further strengthening their already superior genetics, NOAH (prototype of Braver), the beings with strong powers far exceeding normal humans was completed.

The other two facilities developed the "Gigantic" to serve the role of a villain for NOAH to help improve its performance, while the other was ordered to develop the "Mythos" as support units for NOAH.

The research of NOAH progressed by leaps and bounds due to harsh and unyielding hard work. Furthermore, a complete "container" was reproduced due to an accidental discovery. The hero's soul was reunited with their body, reviving them with memories of their previous lifetime and giving rise to the "Braver". But this meant the experimental body had a purpose or intention.

And then...... there was an incident involving a single Braver who escaped from the research facility. The situation was further worsened by the confused Braver running into a certain Gigantic and Mythos ordered to hunt them down, they were all fellow mighty warriors, who decided to bring upon a warring states era on a global scale.

However, the Three Wise Men remained obsessed with creating the strongest creatures in the world. Even after this chaos, they separated into studying the Braver, Gigantic and Mythos separately. By the way, the Chinese facility produced the Mythos in imitation of the method to create the Braver, but have not succeeded in creating a human. The South African facility succeeded in creating the Gigantic which originally were silicon lifeforms.

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