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National Intelligence System or NIS (Enu Ai Esu) is the supercomputer built by CIA as countermeasure against the Z/X.

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CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America) has collected information about the Z/X from all parts of the world and built a super computer named NIS (National Intelligence System) to analyze the data. NIS primary functions are as following.

  • Provide information about targets for the CIA's Z/X Capturing Team.
  • Support said personnel's battle with unmanned reconnaissance planes.
  • Collect information about Z/X using unmanned fighter aircraft, and store it into the database.

NIS controls dozens of unmanned fighter aircraft, and all of them are capable of closely approaching the Black Point. Because Japan is a particularly rare area for having Black Points that connect to all five worlds, CIA agents act in secret all over the country, while a large number of unmanned reconnaissance planes flies overhead.


The NIS initial is a reference to the Nippon Ichi Software, one of the collaborator in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

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