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Mystic Eye (魔眼 Magan) is a technology that said to exist in the Black World. It is also the term used to refer to the group of Z/X that used said technology.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A certain eccentric Diabolus performed an experiment.
What will happen if you put mask that gives human supernatural power and murderous impulse onto non-human—

The experiment ended in failure, since souls with low intelligence was unable to withstand erosion from the mask. However, the last specimen showed a different reaction. Although the subject—a cunning Predator that has reaped many lives—could not avoid the collapse of its ego, its grudge-filled grief transformed the mask and formed a "crux".

The eccentric Diabolus embed the ominous "crux" into their own eye, and gained dominion over both the mask's will and the Predator's will.

It is said that the madness of this person who developed their desired world as a "domain" is available in the Black World's dark recipe site "Crookpad" among those in the know.


Name Cost Power
Matter-Sealing Mystic Eye, Sigillum 4 6000
Mystic Eye of Fallen Star, Meteor 6 9000
Mystic Eye of Purgatorial Flame, Carol 5 7500
Mystic Eye of Irresistible Time, Watcher 4 6000
Mystic Eye of Silver Snowflakes, Frigus 5 7500
Mystic Eye of Surging Wind, Venti 3 4500
Mystic Eye of Ecstatic Love, Amore 7 10500
Mystic Eye of Undeath Enslavement, Tyria 2 3000
Mystic Eye of Beautiful Self, Ephery 3 4500
Pledge of the Darkness Eyes, Mystic Eye Invidia 3 4500
Mystic Eye of Sightstealing Darkness, Ashiam 4 6000
Mystic Eye of Reverberating Soundwave, Paraigm 5 7500
Light-Swallowing Mystic Eye, Vanitas 6 9000
Invidia × Mystic Eye Meteor 8 12000
Mystic Eye of Roaring Thunder, Tonitrus 3 4500
Mystic Eye of Full Wisdom, Sophia 3 4500
Universe-Ending Mystic Eye, Securae 5 7500
Mystic Eye of Reigning Sea, Mare 4 6000
Mystic Eye of Dragon Captive, Capti 4 6000
Mystic Eye of Dragon Rein, Lacerta 7 10500
Mystic Eye of Fearsome Illusion, Vide 4 4500

In addition, there is also one additional card that technically counted as part of this group but not related at all to this group.

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