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Millennium Land (千年國 Senenkoku) is a small country once existed in the Green World.

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A small country founded by Chitose as one of the Primal Nine Great Dragon Kings, where those who refuses the Great Tree Yggdrasil's encroachment nestled. Even after the death of Chitose, her descendants stood up as ruler, continued raising the ideal of regaining freedom again someday, and putting up resistances. However, the country was destroyed in one night due to the scheme of Four Insect Sovereigns - Derangement Empress, Hell Thorn.

Rindo is the only survivor of Millennium Land.

"07 December 2017" addition

As the acceptance of the Lycanthrope that was attacked by the Dragon King Hall and lost their residence, a new country of the same name is founded in the Tōhoku region of the present. Its member are comprised by Hourai that opposes the Dragon King Hall, the majority of Lycanthrope, and some Leafer, they ran a community with respect to the mutual rights and culture.

Chitose Aoba, who has contributed to the peace of Green World for many times, is elected as their "princess", but the government is conducted by Were-Jaguar, Were-Cougar, Utpalaka, and Sagara. Although they call themselves a country, they are not officially recognized as an official country together with the Dragon King Hall.

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