For the term with similar Japanese name, see Overboost.

Metamorphosis (転身 Tenshin, literally means "transformation") is a technology that exist in the Red World. It also the term used to refer to the group of Z/X that used said technology.

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Figure wearing the mineral lifeform Gigantic that was instantly processed by the Meister into armored form. It was developed to cover physical vulnerabilities.

The armor and support unit is also equipped with gimmick that shoots fire and lightning, allowing the wearer to enter the battle in a style that gives off a deadly blow. While it is very useful, it has been pointed out that its action time is limited, and it also puts a large burden on the body.

Originally, it was a method devised by the doctor considered as mother of Gigantic to allow herself stand on the front line. In addition, its versatility is enhanced by Meister who supports and gives their attention to it. Please refer to the entry for "Overboost" for more details.

For that reason, the principle that became its cornerstone is filled with "admiration for transforming heroine", and the excessive staging of transformation and finishing strike is insisted upon as its key actions. The supporters were not able to change the great doctor's troublesome basic principle at all.

The doctor herself devised the further stage "Reinterpreted Overboost" around the same time "Metamorphosis" was universalized.


Name Cost Power
Fire Dance Metamorphosis, Rustine 4 6000
Polar Light Metamorphosis, Brionac 5 7500

Due to their Japanese name, there are three older cards that also counted as part of this group.

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