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Memory Reincarnation (記憶転生 Kioku Tensei) is an ability possessed by Uriel A.T.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The ability possessed by Uriel A.T.

It is able to erase the memories of angels and human, and plant the memories of another person. Because of its versatility, there are 3 restrictions in order to use it.

First, it cannot plant the memories of a nonexistent person. It is not possible to give a false memories conveniently created by yourself.

Next, it can only be done on person who were trusted by, and strongly trusted Uriel. Because it is necessary to get into the deep of the partner's mind.

And the last one, once the memories has been erased, it cannot be restored.

Uriel awakens this ability after the Black Point opened. By rewriting the memories, the action of the person changes, and therefore it seems possible to even change the future.

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