Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Deathbringer Sword, Maldicion (黒剣八魂(こっけんはちこん) 告死剣(こくしけん)マルディシオン Kokken Hachikon Kokushiken Marudishion), or simply known as Maldicion, is the Partner Z/X of Iriuda Orondo.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Its development code name is "Established Malediction", the first ultimate Nosferatu "Eight Souls of the Black Sword" conceived by Hydra Foundation and Dagon Cartel. Its will is weak, and it recklessly brings destruction and slaughter.

Iriuda Orondo was considered to be a suitable partner and assigned with Maldicion, but he has not been informed about the background of the Eight Souls of the Black Sword, also, he is not interested either.


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