Nine Lives, Maine Coon (ニャインライブズ メインクーン Nyain Raibuzu Mein Kūn), or simply known as Maine Coon, is the Partner Z/X of Nina Shitori and member of the "Nine Lives".

A Cait Sith that was famous for his bad reputation in the White World due to compulsive thievery. Although he continue to escape from the bind of Lien, an Angel directly under the faction of Four Archangels - Uriel, he is unable to escape from the relentless attack of Nina who was an unequaled cat lover herself, eventually he resigned and becomes her Partner Z/X.

He is active as a missionary apprentice, not for the sake of Pendragon Apostolic Church, but for Nina's own sake.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A thief Cait Sith infamous for his compulsive thievery.

Although he escaped the White World and flew all over Japan, he is capture by the cat lover, Nina Shitori. He planned to escape at first, but he feels comfortable with Nina's earnest goodwill and not dissatisfied at all with it.


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